Chapter 39

In the next few days, Li Luo spent half of his time practicing in the old mansion, and the other half of his time going to Xiyang House to continue practicing his phase tempering technique. Now he has been able to steadily refine a bottle of first-grade Qingbiling every day Water can be regarded as a genuine first-grade tempering master.

Moreover, the tempering power of the Qingbi Lingshui that he refined is getting higher and higher with the proficiency of experience.

However, he is obviously not satisfied with this, so he is also beginning to gradually try the second-grade spiritual water strange light, but the formula of the second-grade spiritual water is not less than several times more complicated than that of Qingbi Lingshui, and the ingredients that need to be prepared It was even more complicated and cumbersome, so in these attempts, Li Luo failed without exception.

But Li Luo is not in a hurry, after all, failure is also a kind of experience. He believes that with gradual accumulation, he will not be too far away from becoming a second-rank tempered phase master.

And the last batch of fifth-grade spiritual water strange light that he needed, Cai Wei also started to send them one after another. Under the watering of bottles of fifth-grade spiritual water strange light, Li Luo could clearly feel that his "Water and light phase" is getting closer and closer to evolution
However, while Li Luo was waiting for the "Water-Light Phase" to evolve, a slightly unexpected surprise suddenly hit him, that is, his Xiangli was advanced one step ahead, reaching the level of the Seven Seals Realm.

For Xiangli's promotion, Li Luo was a little happy, but he didn't feel too surprised. After all, he had been practicing in the golden room of the old mansion during this period, and with his special purity of "water and light", Compared to the speed of cultivation, he will not be much weaker than those with the seventh grade.

And when Li Luo Xiangli entered the Seven Seals, he also received the good news from Yan Lingqing that the first batch of enhanced Qingbi Lingshui was finally released.

Xiyang House.

An exquisite box was placed on the table, and when the box was opened, there were forty crystal bottles filled with turquoise liquid.

It is the enhanced version of Qingbi Lingshui.

Yan Lingqing's pretty cheeks couldn't hide her excitement, and she said to Li Luo and Cai Wei: "Because the source water of the secret method given by Li Luo is extremely pure, the refining efficiency of our first-grade refining room has doubled. It can produce five bottles of strange light of spiritual water, and now it has been increased to ten bottles, and the tempering power is also stable at around [-]%, which can definitely be regarded as the top grade among first-grade strange light of spiritual water."

Hearing this, Li Luo frowned slightly, because he estimated that if the output is ten bottles per day, then after a year, the output value of the first-grade refining room is only 18 pieces of gold, which is the same as that of the third-grade There is still a little gap between the 21 gold in the refining room.

Thinking in his heart, he spoke out.

"Maybe you can leave this matter to me." Cai Wei smiled charmingly on the side.

"What does Sister Cai Wei want to do?" Li Luo asked in surprise.

Cai Wei said with a smile: "Golden Dragon Treasure Bank recently intends to purchase the first-grade Lingshui Qiguang, the price is higher than the market price, reaching [-] gold a bottle, if they can choose our Qingbi Lingshui from Xiyangwu, Then the value of this contract will make the first-rank refining room surpass the third-rank."

"This is still the second. The most important thing is that Jinlong Baohang has a very high reputation. In a sense, their choice will determine who is the highest quality first-grade Lingshui Qiguang in Tianshu County. This name, In fact, it has the highest value.”

Hearing this, Li Luo realized a little bit that Jinlong Baohang has always followed the high-end boutique route. In the past, things like Yipin Lingshui Qiguang would not appear in it, but now they need it, so naturally It will choose the best first-grade Lingshui Qiguang. If anyone is selected by it, it can be consigned in the Jinlong Treasure Bank. This will invisibly make its value higher, and it is also a powerful publicity.

"I will go to Jinlongbao for a walk later, but I also hope that the young palace master will accompany me, after all, I have to borrow your face." Cai Wei said.

Jinlong Baoxing has always been neutral, but its strength is unquestionable. In the Great Xia, generally there will be no unscrupulous forces to provoke it, and Jinlong Baoxing also believes in harmony and wealth, and never becomes an enemy.

No matter what, Li Luo is the Young Master of Luolan Mansion. No matter how much power he has in the mansion, at least this identity is unquestionable.

Naturally, Li Luo has no objection, as long as Xiyang House can be quickly grasped to make money for him to fill the bottomless pit, he doesn't mind being a mascot.

"Let's go."

He picked up the box and smiled at Cai Wei.

The resplendent Jinlong Baohang is still bustling, and it can be called the hotspot of Nanfeng City.

Li Luo and Cai Wei entered Baohang, and a maid greeted them respectfully. After knowing that they were looking for President Lu, they told them that President Lu was visiting at this time, and they needed to wait for a while.

The two of them didn't care, they found a place to sit down in the VIP room and waited.

But not long after sitting down, Li Luo saw a pair of slender and straight long legs appearing in front of his eyes, his eyes moved upwards, and Lu Qing'er's pretty face was imprinted in his eyes.

Today's Lu Qing'er is wearing a short black skirt, her snow-white long legs are a bit eye-catching, and her black hair hangs down, making her look even more slender and tall.

"Young Palace Master, why do you want to come here?" Lu Qing'er asked curiously.

"Talk to Chairman Lu about the matter." Li Luo laughed.

Lu Qing'er looked at the box next to Li Luo, and said, "Is it a first-grade spiritual water?"

Apparently she also knew very well about Jinlong Baohang's recent purchase of a piece of Lingshui Qiguang.

Li Luo nodded.

"I'm going to have to thank you, Young Palace Master, for this matter?" Lu Qing'er said, no matter how high the first-grade spiritual water and strange light are, it is only a first-grade one. Whether it is for Luo Lan Mansion or Jinlong Baoxing, it can only Said it was a drop in the bucket.

"You don't understand the suffering of the poor young Palace Master." Li Luo sighed and said in a low voice.

Lu Qing'er smiled noncommittally, and then glanced at the mature, charming and charming Cai Wei next to her, and said, "This sister is really beautiful, is Luo Lan's house so demanding when it comes to finding a housekeeper?"

Cai Wei looked at Lu Qing'er with a smile: "My younger sister is also very beautiful. She must be a cloud of suitors in Nanfeng Academy. I wonder if there is a young palace master here?"

Li Luo coughed dryly and said, "Don't talk about these useless things."

Lu Qing'er said: "Let me take you to my second uncle. He is currently receiving people from the Song family. It should be because Jinlong Baohang is going to send a piece of Lingshui Qiguang to the consignment shop this time. The Song family took the initiative to find him. , recommend their "Sunshine Strange Light" by Pine Nut House."

Li Luo and Cai Wei looked at each other. Unexpectedly, the Song family also thought of this. It seems that people are not stupid. They also know how to use the style of Jinlong Baohang to enhance the reputation of their products.

"Going now won't disturb their discussion?" Li Luo was a little embarrassed, but he stood up, quite genuinely.

"Anyway, there was no result."

Lu Qing'er said indifferently, and then turned to lead the way: "But you should know the quality of the "sunshine and strange light" in Songziwu. Although I can take you in, if you want to make my second uncle change his mind, you still have to rely on your bro The quality of the green water in Yangwu."

"I, Li Luo, act upright. I never rely on relationships through the back door." Li Luo said righteously.

Lu Qing'er snorted lightly, and without arguing with him, she led the two of them through the corridor, and finally came to a VIP room, but just after arriving here, she saw a familiar figure walking out.

"Song Yunfeng?" Li Luo frowned, and that person turned out to be Song Yunfeng.

And Song Yunfeng also saw Li Luo, he was stunned for a while, then looked at Lu Qing'er with a frown, and said, "Qing'er, what did you bring him here for?"

"Li Luo made an appointment with my second uncle. When he comes, I will bring him here." Lu Qing'er said without changing his face.

Li Luo looked at her smooth and beautiful face, and sure enough, the more beautiful a woman is, the less she blinks when she tells a lie, but... well done!

Song Yunfeng's complexion changed, and he didn't know whether to believe it or not, but he couldn't help it if he didn't believe it. This is Jinlong Baohang, not his Song family.

In the end, he could only watch Lu Qing'er walk into it, then he glanced at the box in Li Luo's hand, and said calmly: "Li Luo, don't waste your efforts, your Xiyang House can't compete with our Songzi House."

Li Luo said with a smile: "That's not necessarily true. Did you ever think that I would make you a draw?"

Song Yunfeng broke his kung fu in an instant, his face was ashen, his eyes were spitting fire, and he wanted to swallow him up.

However, Li Luo ignored him and entered the room with Cai Wei.

(End of this chapter)

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