Chapter 18

But Rhode didn't care about such a trifle.

People live a lifetime, but they still have to be dashing.

What's more, with his good skin, there is no need to worry about not having a wife in the future.


After solving the outskirts anomaly, Rhode also harvested a small wave of experience points.

His energy slowly but steadily increased.

However, what surprised Rhode a little was that the power of light soared a lot, which made Rhode very strange at first.

After all, this is the power of light derived from Saiga, and the potential is the same level as the legendary Hypajeton, or even higher, how can it rise so easily?

Subsequently, Rhode quickly remembered that the power of light is idealistic setting.

Although the power of light can also be supplemented by the sun, the light that is stronger than the sun is the "human heart".

The last episode of Diga, if it weren't for Yuandaigu absorbing the spiritual light of children from all over the world, would not have turned into Shining Diga, hanging Gatangea up and beating him.

Rhode thought for a moment.

Those adults whose eyes have been polluted by the reality of the world must not believe in the light.

In that case, the source is in those children and students.

"It seems that if you want to increase light energy, you have to work harder."

While thinking like this, Rhode threw the garbage in his hand into the trash can, and then walked into the downtown area full of snacks.

After shopping for more than an hour, Rhode, who was full of wine and food, left the busy city with the smell of fireworks and prepared to go home and sleep.

As for the events in the suburbs, it is probably obvious that they will be broadcast on the morning news.

If nothing else.

The real situation must be impossible to publicize, and the official probability will explain the explosion caused by gas leakage and fire failure.

As for the rich businessmen, they will certainly be warned to keep silent.

"Another day of peace."

Rhode sighed, and then went around the path home.


A hazy cloud hangs over the city.

Even in the dark, darker inky clouds cover the sky.

The city rises from the ground, creating a vague silhouette in the drizzle.

I don't know if it was an accident.

Rhode found that there were far more cloudy days than sunny days in this world.

But he had nothing to worry about.

After all, even if the innocence falls, he can resist it back.

Rhode put on an overcoat and walked through the dimly lit alley.

Sewage overflowed from the sewers, and garbage cans were filled with garbage, constantly emitting a bad smell.


A dark-haired girl walked on the street into the night, near the deep darkness, coupled with a few occasional cat calls nearby, even if there is nothing, people's imagination will make up a terrifying fantasy.

This is where fear and fear come from.

However, in the vast majority of cases, it is they who scare themselves and rack their brains to fight with the air.

In the eyes of others, it seemed that there was always a dark shadow squirming in the surrounding darkness.

The brain tries to imagine that the terrifying monster will pounce at any moment and kill itself.

Of course, these are fake.

Normal people only need to pluck up the courage to look around and find that nothing exists.

But girls are different.

She was really able to see something unclean.

It all started with her eyes.

In the past, she couldn't see this.

But suddenly one day later, her eyes could see.

Those weird creatures that used to only exist in horror movies.

Or rather... Evil spirits.

Unlike some ghosts with cute or handsome appearances in love dramas.

The evil spirits she saw all had extremely distorted and strange looks.

The lean body was as black as if it had been dried and pickled in the desert, and most evil spirits had no normal facial features.

And because it is in human form, the fear brought about by the uncanny valley effect is even higher.

There was a drizzle in the sky, the temperature was a little cool, and the girl wrapped her body, just staring at the pavement under her feet, trying not to let herself see anywhere else.

Because she knew that there was an evil spirit following her nearby.

If possible, the girl would not want to walk alone on the street tonight.

But I really can't wear the warm invitation of friends to watch movies.

And wait until the end of the movie.

Public transport has been shut down, and even taxis are not available.

That's why the girl had to walk home at night at this point.

For normal people, a person walking at night has a certain degree of danger in it, not to mention a girl who can still see evil spirits.

Evil spirits, these things, if you can't see them usually, it's okay.

But once you can see it, you can't turn a blind eye.

She has experienced more than once, being detected by evil spirits, and then asked if she can see her problems.

To be honest, she did get physically scared a few times at first.

But each time, she forcibly ignored the evil spirit's problem, pretending that she didn't see or hear anything, trying to pretend that she was a normal person.

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