As Dr. Ohki's words fell.

The video also came to an end.

Looking at the hung up phone, Mother-in-law Juzi was a little in a trance: "Still... Ash! "

Elf Alliance meeting room.

After hanging up, it was quiet!

For a moment, Daigo took the lead in breaking the silence, dragging his chin and carefully analyzing it

"Regarding the described props, there should be no problem, the results of Adu's test before also came out, that prop did bring him 10% of his attributes, an increase of 10% of his skills!"

"That means that the [Experience Gainer] that sounds very incredible should be real, able to upgrade, and able to comprehend skills!"

As Daigo's words fell, the atmosphere of discussion was suddenly mobilized.

Hiba said incredulously

"Then do you think that the next inventory object will be Ash?"

The words fell, and the surrounding heavenly kings fell silent.

The Elf Alliance has an obligation to protect people, but if the reward obtained by Ash is exposed, I am afraid that the whole world will fall into madness!

If another inventory object appears at this time, I am afraid that the area will not be peaceful until the reward is taken away!

The Elven Alliance must deploy some of its forces to maintain order and prevent evil organizations from causing chaos!

Hiba spoke first, he shook his head and carefully analyzed his reasons:

"I personally think it's unlikely, knowing a divine beast is already very remarkable, especially in this situation, there are many divine beasts that have begun to hide"

"If you want to meet one, it is even more difficult, as shown in the picture, Ash has also met two divine beasts, and it is already very good to be able to meet two!"

When Shirona heard this, she nodded, but in the end her tone was a little embarrassed and emotional

"It makes sense that way."

"But... That boy has always surprised us! "

"I don't know if this time can bring us any surprises!"

At this moment, Karuni, who had not spoken for a long time, shook her head, and her tone was a little firm:

"That boy is indeed very good, even if he can establish a deep friendship with divine beasts, but in my opinion, if it is an ordinary divine beast, it is okay..."

"But if it is a divine beast like Sherabi, perhaps more powerful, it is almost impossible!"

"After all, there are also strong and weak among divine beasts!"

"In addition, we may have misunderstood, the relationship between the divine beasts and the family, maybe each divine beast chapter has a different protagonist!"

The words fell, and the audience fell silent again.

At this moment, Mother-in-law Juzi, who had not spoken for a long time, broke the silence and said softly:

"I think it might be that young Ash, after all, Ohki chose it that way!"

"But this issue is also over, there is no point in discussing it further, for now we still have to arrange some things, we must be prepared for all possible situations!"

Juzi's mother-in-law all spoke, and no one from the Heavenly King present spoke.


At this time, the Dan Emperor riding the fire-breathing dragon, and the Royal Dragon Du riding the fast dragon.

At this moment, he was frantically rushing, and two figures cut through the sky.

Caused the crowd below to exclaim!

"Oh my God, what is that?"

"Wow, I actually photographed it, it's actually a fast dragon, and a fire-breathing dragon!!"

"Hey, isn't that the World Champion Dan Emperor and the Dragon Heavenly King Yulong Du, where are they going together?" Is it going to an appointment? "

Just below when the masses were talking about it.

The Royal Dragon Du and the Dan Emperor, who were located in the air, looked at the video played in the air, and they were all a little emotional at the moment.

Yulongdu smiled and said

"Dan Emperor, this inventory is over, it is estimated that the next chapter will start immediately, do you think it will still be Xiaozhi's child?"

Dan Di hardly thought and hesitated, and naturally replied:

"It must be Ash!"

When Yulongdu heard this, seeing his appearance without hesitation, his face couldn't help but appear stunned and surprised.

Quickly adjusted his state, smiled and asked rhetorically:

"Do you really believe that kid?"

"You know, ordinary people see a divine beast in their lives, it is a great thing!"

"That kid..."

Before Yulongdu finished speaking, the Dan Emperor smiled and said

"Wataru, you already have the answer in your heart, don't you?"

Such a sudden question.

Yulongdu was a little caught off guard.

Looking at the Dan Emperor in front of him, he was stunned.

Lying on the body of the fast dragon, looking at the scene in front of him, a thought flashed in his eyes, but finally it was sudden:

"I can't hide this from you!"

"I'm also looking forward to meeting Ash!!"

"Come on, we're comparing speed here!"

The Dan Emperor looked at the vigorous and full of fighting spirit of the Royal Dragon Du, and also smiled gently.

Finally, the important point:


The figure of a Pokémon streaked across the sky.

At this moment, it also crossed the passenger flight, willing the crew and passengers to exclaim!


Tokiwa Forest.

The trio of Kojiro Musashi, who are still struggling to hurry.

At the moment, it is full of bitter melon faces!

Look at the strange force in front of you, giant pincer crab!

With his head down, he is even more decadent at this time.

After getting along along the way, they probably knew the strength of these two Pokémon, and their strength was only the peak of the elite level!

Although compared to their Pokémon, it is already much better.

However, this is to take them to level up!

The Pokémon you meet along the way, so you won't be defeated.

But it's nowhere near the joy of being upgraded!

Musashi's expression was even more decadent, and he couldn't help but start complaining:

"Ah, Kojiro, when we saw Boss Sakaki's expression, we completely misunderstood!!"

Kojiro was also a little self-contained, covering his face, full of embarrassment:

"Who could have imagined that?"

"Why are these two Pokémon in Sakaki's boss team!"

Meow Meow was even more shrugging his head at the moment, looking a little listless:

"It must be Boss Sakaki who came to fill up somewhere!"

The words fell, and the head was lowered deeper.

Originally, I wanted to have a strong Pokémon, take myself to upgrade and become stronger.

When you become stronger, find the cat boss to take revenge!

But now it seems that everything is going to come to naught!

The three of them lowered their heads even more, full of helplessness.

Musashi suddenly raised his head, his expression became a little excited, and quickly spoke:

"It suddenly occurred to me that as long as we complete this mission of Boss Sakaki excellently, we may be able to give us another chance to choose!"

When the words fell, Kojiro and Meow, who were originally a little decadent, were suddenly shocked.

Kojiro smiled, and out of nowhere, he pulled out a rose and held it to his mouth:

"Team Rocket in the Galaxy!"

"White hole, white tomorrow awaits us!"

Meow exclaimed even more excitedly:

"Meow, that's it!"

After determining the target.

Several people are not in a hurry to level up now.

After all, at their current level, they are already the peak of ordinary trainers....

With another glimmer of opportunity, even stepping into the elite level!

But the more time it comes to, the more experience required to upgrade, the more massive it is....

In Tokiwa Forest, there are quite a few elite-level Pokémon, but they are troublesome to find.

Fighting also requires a waste of time!

Overall, the trio still decided to complete the task first!

When the time comes, change to another powerful Pokémon!

It's much more efficient to level them that way!

Look at a ray of light that appears not far from the forest.

Musashi Kojiro became a little excited.

True new town, close at hand!!


Meanwhile, the other side.

Bishas, who had already come to Tokiwa Forest, suddenly became extremely excited after looking at the words that had been inventoried!

According to the map, it won't be long before you reach Zhenxin Town!

This time, the mecha piloted by Bishas was completely different and fully armed!

Moreover, the six dark Pokémon balls on the body are filled with Pokémon.

Those are the more powerful Pokémon that you collect by yourself!

It can also be said to be his strongest hole card!

Bishas clenched his fists tightly, looking at the real new town shown on the map, and a flash of danger flashed in his eyes:

"This time, I will definitely not let you escape again!"

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