Chapter 3: Ability to reveal

And Tang Aining, no, Gu Ning's opening can scare Gu Man and Gu Qing. Looking at the waking, Gu Ning, Gu Man and Gu Qing, who leaned on the bed, could not believe their eyes.

The doctor said that Gu Ning had blood in his brain and had to be removed by surgery to wake up, but now she has already woken up.

"Ning, Ningning, you, you woke up..." Although I was scared, Gu Man quickly reacted, tears, and suddenly fell. A healthy step rushed to the bedside, wanting to hug Gu Ning, but was afraid of hurting her wounds, so I was overwhelmed, and I didn’t know where to put it.

"Ningning, you woke up, you really woke up..."

Gu Qing also rushed up immediately, still unbelievable, but more happy and excited.

"Mom, two, I woke up." Gu Ning said, immediately holding Gu Man's hands and giving her a sense of reality.

"呜呜······Wake up, just wake up, just...·················································································· Gu Ning has disappeared.

Gu Qing is also happy to come out of tears, such a great sorrow and joy, it is really the heart of the test.

"Right, I will call the doctor." Gu Qing immediately responded, and then ran out.

Soon, the doctor came, and was surprised at the fact that Gu Ning was awake. It was a miracle!

However, this has to be arranged for a comprehensive inspection, which can only be determined after the results are confirmed.

So the doctor immediately arranged an inspection for Gu Ning.

After checking, Gu Qing immediately went to Gu Ning to buy food, and Gu Man would stay with Gu Ning, and the cold and warm.

From Gu Man, Gu Ning felt a strong motherly love.

For the first time since she became a half-vegetarian, she was so concerned.

Although I was listening to a lot of sweet words when I was with Qi Zi, but those were acting and acting.

After eating a good meal, Gu Qing left because she had to go to work in the afternoon. Gu Man had set off the rest of the three-day holiday this month after Gu Ning had an accident yesterday. He didn’t have to go to work today and tomorrow.

Gu Man and Gu Ning said for a while, let her rest.

Gu Ning knows that Gu Man has not closed her eyes since yesterday afternoon, so she can let her go to the empty bed next to her.

Although Gu Ning is now awake, the big stone in Gu Man’s heart has also been put down a lot, but she still can’t feel at ease because she still has no final results, so she doesn’t want to rest.

Gu Ning said that if she does not rest, she does not rest, Gu Man helpless, they can only agree.

Gu Man is really tired. He was just lying down to make Gu Ning feel at ease, but he didn't want to. It didn't take long to sleep.

And Gu Ning, but there is no sleepiness, has been looking at the ceiling daze, can not help but think of the various past lives...·····

Suddenly, she saw a pair of feet walking over the top of her head. She was shocked and Gu Ning immediately returned to God. There was nothing but the ceiling of the white flowers.

Good end, how did she see a pair of feet walking over the top of her head! Is it an illusion?

Gu Ning no longer looked at the ceiling, but turned over, his eyes fell on the side of the bed, facing the side of his own sleeping Gu Man. Her skin is extremely yellow and slack, her eyes are covered with crow's feet, and wrinkles are on her forehead.

Gu Man has been working very hard. She has never been willing to buy some skin care products or cosmetics for herself. She never wants to eat a little good. She never wants to buy a better clothes for herself.

For Gu Ning, she is much more generous than herself. As long as she can afford it, she will try her best.

However, Gu Ning has been sensible since childhood. Although he is inferior and lonely, he knows the conditions of his family, so he never compares with others.

Now that she has become Gu Ning, she naturally will not let her and Gu Man’s life maintain the status quo, and she will take revenge and will not allow her to continue to be so weak.

She has ambitions. Since she has to deal with the Tang family, she must make herself stronger than the Tang family.

Tang family, although it is only the third-rate giants of the capital, but the foundation is very strong, billions of billions of assets, in the third-tier cities, that is the first giant.

Of course, the Tang family will be so brilliant, and it will be indispensable for Tang Aining.

For the Tang family, Tang Aining killed the opponents of the Tang family, stole the confidential documents of the Tang family, and did not know how many crimes.

Because the former Tang Ai Ning was afraid of leaving evidence and digging the grave, they all destroyed the evidence. Now even if they want to use the evidence to accuse the Tang family, they can't find it.

Thinking, Gu Ning lost his mind, and even saw someone walking in front of him, which surprised Gu Ning and immediately returned to God.

But where did anyone go before! Is it only the wall of white flowers, is she really hallucinating?

No, she just saw a person walking past, and saw a familiar door with a digital card hanging on the door. The number is 106.

106's door, isn't that the ward diagonally opposite her ward?

However, how could she see the door?

I don't know why, but she doesn't think it's an illusion, but a feeling of real seeing.

Ghost makes God worse, Gu Ning looks at the wall again and concentrates on the spirit.

Then, the wall in front of her eyes slowly became transparent. She saw 106 wards, corridors, patients, doctors, and nurses walking around.

Suddenly, a mysterious and unreliable possibility is jumping out of Gu Ning's mind.

Is this, perspective?

This consciousness will be a bit embarrassing for Gu Ning, and he couldn’t help but take a breath.

In order to determine whether it is perspective, Gu Ning immediately looked at the other wall, and then the wall gradually became transparent. She saw the pictures in the room, beds, patients, and instruments.

This time she is sure, this is perspective.

However, Gu Ning still feels some unreal feelings, wants to get more proof, so that he can constantly look at different places.

Suddenly, Gu Ning felt a tingling pain in his eyes and fainted.

In the dream, Gu Ning dreamed that after he fell into the sea, his body continued to sink, and the red jade of the chest flashed red.

Then, I heard a long and ethereal voice, and the old voice came and said: "There was a jade in ancient times, named Phoenix Blood Jade, the blood of the Phoenix, and the aura of chaos. The combination of Lingyu and Nirvana, Nirvana Open, space is created; to absorb Yuling, you can live longer, but also rejuvenate."

Daddy, she was so shocked that she suddenly woke up from her sleep.

This, what is going on?

At the time of Gu Ning’s doubts, a message is lining up in my mind.

After straightening out, Gu Ning understood it.

The **** jade of the phoenix is ​​made of the blood of the phoenix. Because it is an ancient thing, it is accompanied by the aura of chaos and the spirit of psychic. And the reason why she will be born again is because of this phoenix blood jade.

(End of this chapter)

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