Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 32: Brothers turn their faces?

Chapter 32 Brothers turn their faces?

When seeing Mu Ke and Gu Ning together, Qin and his party were shocked and wide-eyed.

After the shock, Zhang Yiming was full of disapproval and asked: "Mu Ke, how are you with her?"

That word is too discriminatory.

In this regard, Mu Ke brows slightly, his eyes flashed dissatisfaction, even the tone, it is not much better to go: "Who am I with, what is your business!"

When this words fell, Fu Ming exclaimed: "No! You like Gu Ning? How is it possible? She is a poor woman, she is not worthy of you!"

Obviously, Fu Mingliang directly thought of the relationship together as an emotional one, and also expressed a lot of dislike and discrimination.

"Stop the mouth" Mu Ke angered, Gu Ning is his boss, his position in his heart is extremely weighty, and how to tolerate others so low!

Mu Ke looked at Fu Mingliang coldly, a deliberately waiting posture: "Fu Ming, if you don't talk nonsense, believe it or not, I am jealous of you?"

Mu Ke’s reaction was shocked. Fu Ming, who was threatened, was even more angry and angered. He said to Mu Ke: “Mu Ke, what crazy are you doing! It turned out to be a girl and a brother.”

When Fu Ming was so embarrassed, he brought the people around him.

"Oh!" Mu Ke was laughed at by Fu Mingliang. He smiled very ironically: "I don't have a friend like you to the left, a poor and sour girl, and a brother who is humiliated and humiliated. Your scenery today depends on But it’s just your own parents. What are you proud of? If you have the skills, don’t rely on your parents. I think you still have a good time.”

In this case, they directly sneaked in all of them, and they were so angry that they all angered Mu Ke.

Chen Ziyao was deeply resentful to her because of the slap of Gu Ning yesterday. The first one was not convinced: "We told her why she is so poor. She was a poor woman. What happened to our parents? That is because we There are parents who rely on it!"

"That is, have the ability, you let her vote for a good tire!" Gu Yu immediately agreed.

"Mu Ke, you think you are more powerful, now you open a jewelry store, not what you want is the money at home." Fu Mingliang said with conviction, not convinced, there are embarrassing.

Yes, hey.

Although Fu Mingliang is not interested in entrepreneurship, he is not willing to suffer this hardship, but he is still uncomfortable when he sees Mu Ke’s own business and his income is good.

Because this made him feel that there is a gap between them.

Wen Yan, Gu Ning was surprised, Mu Ke was young and actually started his own business.

Jewelry store, it seems that she is meeting her peers.

"What about that? At least I have to ask for help in addition to the money." Mu Ke did not show off, just to explain the facts.

Gu Ning secretly gave Mu Ke a compliment, and had to say that Mu Ke was a man of strength and ability.

If they can, they can cooperate and cooperate.

"You······" Fu Ming is still not convinced, but he is not convinced that he is not convinced, he still knows, so he suddenly has no refutation.

Fu Mingliang has nothing to say, but Gu Yu has something to say: "Oh! Gu Ning, you said yesterday that you will be rich and expensive, is it to climb Muco?"

"Yes, I don't deny that Mu Ke's family is in very good condition, but this kind of family will not marry a poor woman with no background, so you will follow Mu Ke, sooner or later you will be defamed. At that time, don't be like Your mother, when I was a freshman, I was pushed up by my family, and then I was abandoned by a man. I didn’t read the book. Now...·····!

When Gu Yu’s words were not finished, he was immediately replaced by screams, and the decibels were extremely high, which shocked the entire canteen.

Especially the people around her, it is deafening!

I saw that on the head of Gu Yu, a plate was being buckled. The dishes and oil stains really fell off Gu Yu’s head. The hair, face and clothes were stained with vegetables and oil stains, and they looked extremely embarrassing.

And everyone, but looked at Gu Ning shocked.

Because they clearly saw that Gu Ning threw the dish to Gu Yu, and the plate turned a few laps in the air, and unbiasedly buckled Gu Yu’s head.

Is this a coincidence? No, unlike.

Is it that Gu Ning will work hard?

When this consciousness came out, many people looked at Gu Ning's eyes and changed, especially those who worshiped Kung Fu.

"Wow, the boss is too powerful, this trick I have to learn, this trick I have to learn..." Muko suddenly excited to scream, look at Gu Ning's gaze, hot can not be hot again.

A boss can be said to be shocking everyone.

Mu Ke actually called Gu Ning boss? How is this going?

Gu Ning did not pay attention to Mu Ke, but looked at Gu Yu coldly, and warned harshly: "Gu Yu, close your stinky mouth, if I let you hear your humiliation to my mother, look I don't want you to find your teeth all over the place?"

"Ah! Gu Ning, I want to kill you..." Gu Yu did not even listen to Gu Ning's warning, so angry that she made a crazy look toward Gu Ningchong, buckled on her head. The plate, as the words say, fell underground.

Gu Ning's nephew was cold, and he pulled the table at the side and held it in front of him.

So, Gu Yu directly hit the table, and the whole person was lying on the table.

Everyone saw it and was shocked again.

The table was so heavy that it was a few pounds, and it was pulled away by Gu Ning, and it looked like it was still very relaxed.

Under this crowd, I feel that Gu Ning has a lot of effort.

Gu Yu is Qin's girlfriend, so Gu Yu was bullied, and his boyfriend's face was also thrown away, so Qin Hao had to go out for Gu Yu and yelled at Gu Ning: "Gu Ning, you are too much. ""

Say, go immediately to Gu Yu.

"Oh!" Wen Yan, Gu Ning couldn't help but sneer, looked at him meaningfully, and asked: "Is it too much? I don't know which one is more excessive than what you do to me? If you don't mind If you can, I can say it and let everyone comment."

She didn't intend to pursue it, but these people always couldn't go with her. In this case, she still does good people!

"You······" Qin Yu heard the words, his face was white, he naturally knew that they were doing more things about her than the things that Gu Ning did.

What did they do to her?

The informed person naturally knows what Gu Ning is referring to, but the uninformed things express doubts and curiosity. The gaze of a curiosity is turned around by Gu Ning, Qin Yu and Gu Yu.

Mu Ke is an insider. Yu Mixi is a person who knows half of the feelings. When they mention this, they are all unremarkable.

"Things are gone, are you not okay anyway?" The implication is that you don't have to care about it. Qin Yu is still worried that Gu Ning will say it.

(End of this chapter)

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