In addition, they have used the identity of the Tiancheng disciples as a prestige and have done much better, and nothing has happened, so they have become more and more brazen.

Therefore, even though Li Mozhen said so, they are not afraid.

Because they think that most of these people are people from the small martial arts or small families who have experienced in the Dragonbone Forest. Even if they are not small martial arts small families, nor are they big martial arts and large families, most are medium martial arts or families.

Because very few of the big families and martial arts entered the Dragonbone Forest, they had to go to Tianshui Town first.

"So what? I just want a room today, how can you help us?" Yu Zhenren arrogantly said, if it is so compromised, then spread it out, they still have to face.

"That is, I advise you to be more interesting, otherwise, you will not be able to eat and go away." Wang Zhenren threatened.

"Oh! I would like to know, what are your talents that we can't afford to walk around?" Li Moyu said, releasing the coercion of Yuan Ying Zhenjun, and immediately oppressed the two Jin Dan real people with pale faces, panting But angry, gradually stood still.

The two were astounded. It was unexpected that they would be masters.

They mentioned iron plates this time.

However, Yu Zhenren and Wang Zhenren have not begged for mercy, and they are still thinking about threats: "Are you really not afraid of the Tiancheng faction? We are the people around us."

Li Moxian immediately intensified the coercion, so that the two could not help spitting out their mouth blood. If they continue to do so, they are afraid that their Dantian will be abolished.

What is the origin of this person, even the Tiancheng faction does not pay attention to it.

Li Mozhen sneered: "Can the people around the head be bullied? Unfortunately, Lingchen Zhenjun and I are old friends. We will meet tomorrow, and I can ask if the person around the head is at They are so blind-headed and bullying. "

Upon hearing Li Mozhen's words, Yu Zhenren and Wang Zhenren turned paler, showing panic.

Unexpectedly, this man turned out to be an old friend of Elder Lingchen, and also met about tomorrow.

If this man really talks to Elder Lingchen about today's things, I'm afraid it will be very troublesome.

After the balance, Yu Zhenren immediately asked for forgiveness: "The seniors forgive me. We didn't know that the seniors were the elders of Lingchen's elders. They offend a lot. We don't need rooms anymore. No, we can pay for your accommodation."

"You don't have to pay for the hosting fee. Hurry up and let me go!" Li Mozhen didn't really intend to treat them, after all, they didn't get them anyway.

After Yu Zhenren and Wang Zhenren were released, they fled immediately.

"Everyone, please be careful about Yu Zhenren and Wang Zhenren. They should not give up." The shopkeeper kindly reminded.

"Thank you shopkeeper for reminding us, we will pay attention." Li Moxie thanked him.

Then, the wholehearted person went back to the room and waited for a rest before going out for dinner.

Leng Xiaoyao wanted to have a room with Song Qingling, but was directly pulled to her room by Li Moyu, making Leng Xiaoyao blush.

Immediately after entering the room, Li Moyu set up a quarantine array and kissed Leng Xiaoyao on his lips.

They haven't seen each other for a long time, he misses her so much!

Leng Xiaoyao struggled a few times subconsciously, and then catered.

When he was not careful, the situation became a little out of control. It was Leng Xiaoyao who reacted first and stopped Li Moyu.

"Yaoyao, what are you still worrying about? We are all fellows." Li Moyu looked at Leng Xiaoyao with a look of desire, begging, and dissatisfaction, and asked.

"That, that, that ..." Leng Xiaoyao's eyes dodged. In fact, she didn't know what she was worried about, but she didn't think she was ready. Finally, she came up with a reason: "I'm still young ..."

"Adult, not young." Li Moyu was very resentful, and felt that Leng Xiaoyao was just an excuse.

Ok! In fact, 19 years old is not too big, because he was too impatient.

"I, I'm not ready yet, wait until I get revenge!" Leng Xiaoyao said, she didn't want to escape, but she felt very nervous when she thought of facing her.

"Okay!" Li Mozhen did not reluctantly cold Xiao Yao. He didn't want to make her unhappy, but he remembered what she said, and after revenge, he didn't care so much.

In the evening, after a good meal, Leng Xiaoyao returned to the guest room with Song Qingling.

Yu Zhenren and Wang Zhenren really did not intend to give up on this, but they were not stupid enough to take another shot on their own, but immediately returned to the Tiancheng School to find the head of the Lingfeng.

Lingfeng's forty-year-old looks like he is seventy-year-old with a bone age, but now he is the peak of Yuanying, and some live for hundreds of years.

Yu Zhenren and Wang Zhenren didn't know the liaison between Li Moyu and Ling Chen, but they wanted to get help from Ling Feng, so they said to Ling Feng intentionally that Ling Chen had a relationship with a mysterious expert. These people came In Tianshui Town, we will meet Lingchen tomorrow.

Because the other party learned that they were the heads of the Celestial Sect, they shot and hurt them, as if they were deliberately targeting them.

Lingfeng was very angry when he heard the news. He did not doubt the words of Yu Zhenren and Wang Zhenren, because he had discovered that Ling Chen was restless, especially in the past few months. Therefore, he also had some doubts. Just find evidence.

Since they were meeting tomorrow, he had to follow along.

The next morning, Lingchen just left the Tiancheng faction, and Lingfeng also left. They repaired it so that Lingchen did not find him.

Until Li Moyu's inn, no one was found.

When Ling Chen came, Li Moyu didn't take everyone to see him, he just took Leng Xiaoyao, and was in the inn's private room.

Ling Chen is also a person, because the plan between them can not let others know, even the people around him.

It's not true, but the matter hasn't been finalized yet, so one less person knows it's safer.

Ling Chen is thirty years old and has a bone age of about sixty.

After entering the private room, Li Moyu set up an isolation array, so when Lingfeng arrived, he could not feel the existence of Lingchen.

At this time, Lingfeng even more doubted that Lingchen came to see this mysterious man for any unspeakable purpose.

in the room.

"Brother Lingchen, this is my companion, Leng Xiaoyao." Li Moyu introduced to Lingchen. Although his current status is only "the avatar" of Lingchen, there is nothing wrong with calling Lingchen as a brother.

"Leng Dayou, hello." Ling Chen was very polite to greet Leng Xiaoyao, because Leng Xiaoyao did not hide his practice, so Ling Chen felt that the other party's practice was above himself, so naturally Will be very polite.

(End of this chapter)

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