Chapter 4 Doctor with a gun

In the past life, she accidentally picked up a red jade pendant, the shape is the phoenix.

Although she did not know whether this jade was true or not, it was very close to her, so Gu Ning left.

Unexpectedly, this was actually a fetish that gave her a rebirth.

This is not limited, because the past life when she died, Phoenix blood jade into her soul, inherited the essence of Yu Ling, opened the jade.

The jade is a pair of psychic eyes, and everything seen by the jade is invisible.

For example, perspective, aura, and unforgettable.

Reiki refers to a kind of pure energy that exists between heaven and earth and in the universe, similar to the essence of the sun and the moon.

There is also a jade space, which is a static storage space, which can be used to engrave the things in front of you (dead) into the space of the jade.

Of course, these all require the support of Reiki, because once you use the jade, it is aura.

With aura, you can live longer, and you can use Reiki to heal and cure.

The more the aura, the bigger the space will be, the more it will accommodate.

Because the blood of the Phoenix is ​​jade itself, the aura that Phoenix Blood Jade needs is the aura of jade.

Jade, with soft jade and jadeite.

Nephrite refers to Hetian jade, and also includes other traditional jade such as chalcedony, 岫岩玉, Nanyang jade, crystal, agate, amber, coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli.

Jadeite is jade.

Of course, as long as it is the aura of jade, it can be.

Jade, both ancient and modern, is very popular and very common.

Therefore, this is not a very difficult thing for Gu Ning.

Of course, this is not something that one or two jade can satisfy, but a large amount of jade, which cannot be calculated even if it is even large.

Therefore, to meet the aura needs of Gu Ning to support the jade, there is only a general approach, and that is, gambling.

She now has a jade, can see through, so, gambling stone for her, nothing more than a hand to come.

Only with gambling stones, can she get more jade and jadeites to absorb more pure and rich jade spirits.

At the same time, she can also use gambling stones to make money.

Of course, if you make money, you can use other things.

For example, gambling: playing cymbals, using perspective, that is a hundred and a hundred.

However, this is not a long-term solution, because the casino has the rules of the casino, there are limits to winning, and the win is added to the blacklist, and may even lead to the killing.

Therefore, in the case of other ways to make money, Gu Ning will not gamble, of course, gambling is not counted.

There is also antiques, because the antiques have a long time, absorb the essence of the sun and the moon, but also have aura. There is aura, that is the real thing, and the more the aura, the longer the object is represented.

Gambling stones, a knife is poor, a knife is rich; antiques is also the same reason, missed, will be rich overnight, eye-catching, or bloody, or ruined.

But these are not a problem for Gu Ning, who now has a strong plug-in.

Thinking about this, Gu Ning is excited and dizzy, this plug-in, is not a general strong!

If she had this jade, she couldn't mix a famous one, then she could really die.

Thinking of the money, Gu Ning's original shock became a surprise, and it was easy to accept the jade.

"Ningning, Ningning, what's wrong with you?" Hearing the voice of Gu Man's worries in his ear, Gu Ning immediately reacted and looked worried about the mang, and called: "Mom, you woke up."

Seeing Gu Ning reacted, Gu Man was relieved, but there were still some unsettled: "I have long woke up, but I saw you in a dull appearance. I called it several times and didn't respond. I thought that something happened to my brain. It! Scared me."


Gu Man said this, Gu Ning explained something guilty: "That, I just wanted to get into the matter."

Gu Man doesn't say much, as long as Gu Ning has nothing to do.

"Wake up, it’s six o'clock, what do you want to eat, Mom will buy it for you." Gu Man asked.

"I am not picky eaters, and everything is good." Gu Ning said.

"······" Gu Man opened his mouth, but after all, he still said nothing.

Because she knows that Gu Ning is sensible, even if she tells her what to eat, she will definitely not be good. In this case, she is not as good as her own decision, buy her something delicious!

After Gu Man left, Gu Ning felt that his limbs were a little tired, and he got out of bed and went out for a walk.

However, just after leaving the ward without a few steps, he was rushed to face, wearing a white coat, and the doctor with a mask hit it. Gu Ning was awkward and almost fell. If she did not respond quickly, she hurriedly supported the wall.

Although Gu Ning's heart is not good, but think of the other party may be because of urgency, unstoppable, not intentional, so Gu Ning will not care about others.

But I didn't want to, the man who bumped into her didn't even have a apology, and even stunned her and rushed away.

Gu Ning glanced, but not because he did not apologize to marry her, but she saw the mad hatred from his eyes, but it was not directed at her.

Gu Ning couldn't help but look back and look at it. This person is very wrong.

Suddenly, Gu Ning’s eyes saw the man’s waist through Bai Dawei, and there was a gun hidden.

Gu Ning looks a sinking, how can a doctor have a gun!

Looking at the other person's eyes is not like the police pretending to perform a task, but it is like revenge.

Although it doesn't matter what the other party is doing, it doesn't matter to her, but this thing has made her discover it, so she can't stand on the sidelines.

If the other party is really seeking revenge, once the gun is shot, it is feared that there will be innocent people who will be implicated.

When thinking of innocent people being implicated, they may be killed or injured, Gu Ning can not sit idly by.

She is not a savior, not a Virgin, but she is not a cold-blooded person. Within her ability, she can reach out and she will reach out.

So, Gu Ning immediately followed up quietly.

Gu Ning followed the suspect to an office. When he was preparing to go in, a young female doctor wearing a white coat walked out, but was blocked by the suspect.

Gu Ning has been paying attention to the action of the suspect. When the suspect saw the female doctor, she immediately escaped the gun and confronted her.

Because the gun is covered with white coat, it is not obvious.

The female doctor looked pale and pale.

Then I didn't know what the suspect said, and the female doctor was unwilling to go with the suspect.

When Gu Ning saw it, he immediately followed the past.

They went up the stairs, because most people go up and down the stairs, so there are no people in the corridor. Even if there is, they don't see anything wrong with them.

Until the top of the building, on the roof.

There are no other people on the rooftop, only the suspect and the female doctor, of course, there is the secret Gu Ning.

(End of this chapter)

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