Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 46: Drive out of the old house

Chapter 46, driving out of the old house

Because Mrs. Gu was too angry, she directly said what Gu Yu said. Of course, she did not really want to drive away Gu Gu’s mother and daughter, but scared and scared them.

On the side of Gu Yu heard the words, suddenly beaming, gloating.

"Mom·····" Gu Man was very helpless and called, and wanted to refute, but he couldn’t make a sound and couldn’t speak.

Gu Ning immediately took the phone from Gu Man’s hand and put it in his ear. He said coldly: “Old woman, I just don’t apologize. What do you want to drive our mother and daughter out of the old house? Good! We are leaving. However, if you remember what you said today, my Gu Ning is not your granddaughter, and you have nothing to do with me in the future."

After all, Gu Ning will hang up the phone.

For Gu Ning's move, Gu Man did not stop, and did not blame. She was really chilling about Mrs. Gu's attitude towards them.

Over there, Mrs. Gu heard that Gu Ning was so disrespectful, and she hung up the phone, and she was so angry that she was wild.

"Li Juan, if Gu Xiang mother and daughter do not move out of the old house tomorrow, they will let people go out to Gu Gu and her mother." Originally, Mrs. Gu just wanted to scare them and let Gu Ning apologize to Gu Yu.

But now, after giving Gu Ning this meal, I decided to let them get out of the old house.

This time, Gu Yu is completely excited, and Lin Lijuan is also gloating, and she is totally different from her mother and daughter.


"Mom, we will stay in the hospital these few days! I will go back to the old house at noon tomorrow and take the important things over. I have tried to look at the house in the past few days. When we bought it, we moved over." Gu Ning said.

Although Gu Ning has already decided to buy the house in Fenghua Haoting, but because she wants to go back to G City on the weekend to make money and buy it again, she uses the house as an excuse for postponing.

"Good" Now, Gu Man is listening to Gu Ning.

Because Gu Man lives in a VIP ward, there are nurses who serve and eat and drink, and there are also special cares for An Zhen. Gu Ning does not have to worry.

So the next morning, I went to school.

Gu Yu also arrived at the school early, but she couldn't wait to come to Gu Ning.

Although yesterday's incident made Gu Ning very angry, but it was not affected, and Mu Ke and Yu Mixi were running in the early morning. No, this time, Hao Ran, Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping were added.

In the morning run, Gu Ning did not deliberately ask them how many laps to run, because they did not have to ask for it, they were very active to run until they could not run.

Hao Ran has a foundation, which is better than Mu Ke.

This, in the speed of Mickey following them, the second lap is obviously slow, and the third lap becomes jogging. In the end, Yu Mixi still insisted on running five laps, which is two kilometers.

Mu Ke ran for eight laps, and Hao Ran three, followed Gu Ning to run ten laps.

However, Hao Ran is tired of becoming a dog, dizzy, and chaotic. If you don't know that you can't rest on the ground after running, he really wants to fall down immediately.

Gu Ning is a little better, although tired, but not a dog, his head is still relatively clear, and the body can still withstand control.

The speed and pace of starting Gu Ning were balanced. After seven or eight laps, it became obviously slower.

In the end, the physique is still too weak, unlike the previous life, 10,000 meters ran down, just not to breathe a few breaths.

Of course, the past life has such physical strength, and it is also exercised a little bit. In this life, as long as she continues to exercise, sooner or later she will have the physical strength and skills of her previous life.

After a short break, Hao Ran can tell a few words.

"Old, boss, me, how do I look, look at you, well, it seems not very, very tired!" One can speak, Hao Ran admire said.

"Yes, yeah!" Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping also followed the road, and they were so admired.

"As long as you stick to exercise, your physical strength will become stronger. What is the length? You can do it." Gu Ning encouraged.

Yes, as long as you keep exercising, your physical strength will become stronger. This is not a length.

As long as you persist, anyone can.

Hearing words, one or two suddenly hit the chicken blood, excitedly said: "I will definitely exercise and become stronger."

"me too"

"me too"

"Well, I have something at noon, you are free to move." Gu Ning said that at noon she would go back to the old house to take back the important things, and then completely detached from the old house.

"Boss, are you going to the hospital to see the aunt? We will accompany you." Several people think that Gu Ning is going to see Gu Man.

"No, I am not going to the hospital." Gu Ning refused, she did not want to say more, Hao Ran did not ask again.

Gu Ning and others returned to the classroom before the early reading, and the seven classes were on the second floor. So when they arrived at the second floor, Hao Ran went to the classroom first, and Gu Ning went on the third floor.

As soon as I came up, I saw Gu Yu leaning against the fence.

Because I knew that Gu Man would fall into hospital, it was Gu Kai’s reason. So when several people saw Gu Yu, their face immediately sank, and their eyes were faint.

Needless to guess, Gu Ning also knows why Gu Yu is here, nothing more than to come to her down the stone.

Just to Gu Ning's surprise, Chen Ziyao and Qin Yu were not there.

In fact, Chen Ziyao has not yet come, and a few people in Qin Yu seem to have jealousy about Gu Ning, so they did not come.

Regarding the misbehaviness of Mu Ke's several people, Gu Yu, who was immersed in his own pride at the moment, did not find out. When he saw Gu Ning, he immediately laughed at the schadenfreude: "Gu Ning, I told you to apologize to me. You don't apologize, you dare to murder your grandmother. Now, my grandmother will let your mother and daughter move out of the old house today, or else people will drive you out."

Wen Yan, Mu Ke and Yu Mixi were both surprised and wide-eyed.

what? Gu Ning does not apologize, will he be driven out of the old house?

Originally, they just thought that Gu Yu was talking loudly, and felt that Gu could not drive Gu Ning and her mother out of the old house because of such a small matter, but did not want to, Gu Jia really did.

This is too embarrassing!

"I said that moving will move, and definitely will not stay until tomorrow." Gu Ning did not care, did not pay attention to it.

"You······" Gu Yu can't think of this time, Gu Ning is still so calm.

Can't see Gu Ning's nervousness and fear, Gu Yu is very reluctant, and feels that Gu Ning is pretending to be reluctant and wants to tear off Gu Ning's calm camouflage.

Therefore, even though Gu Ning promised to move out, Gu Yu still could not give up.

"Gu Ning, even if you don't think about yourself, don't you think about it for your mother? The rent outside is so expensive, can you afford it? If you want to apologize to me, if I am satisfied, I will let my grandmother Let you continue to live." If you think of Gu Man's thoughts, it is actually for your own selfishness. I want Gu Ning to humble her and cast her vanity.

(End of this chapter)

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