Chapter 500 Predicted Again

When I heard Gu Ning say this, everyone would believe it, especially the three people of Chu Peihan who almost blindly believed in Gu Ning, as well as Lu Zhan and Su Shinuo, so they stopped talking on the train.

Although Han Lengxuan and others were still somewhat suspicious and upset, they still got on the bus.

The small bus of the military walked in front, then the talent of Gu Ning opened, and the bus of the crew of the crew walked behind.

Going halfway, Gu Ning’s predictions appeared. When I arrived at a viaduct, a large truck suddenly rushed down, just like the one in the army.

Gu Ning remembered this road very well, so I knew that I would soon go to the viaduct, and then quickly stopped to park, because a sudden brake, everyone was shocked, thinking that something happened.

However, it is really going to happen, but they are not waiting for them to ask, Gu Ning has already taken out his mobile phone to call Mo Chenyi.

The car in the back saw the car of Gu Ning and others stopped, and they stopped. It was fortunate.

It was also good that Mo Chenyi immediately picked it up, and then Gu Ning said harshly: "I will immediately stop by, now, this is the order."

Mo Chenyi listened, didn't think too much, and asked the driver directly: "Parking"

The car immediately stopped ten meters away from the viaduct, and at the same time, a large truck rushed out.

This scene, in the eyes of the soldiers, they just horrified eyes wide open, but also came to react, but for a moment, there was a loud bang, and the big truck fell under the bridge.

Although the distance under the bridge was only a few meters, the car was not so formed, although the wood behind the truck fell off.

Also, there are not many vehicles on this road, no vehicles and other vehicles.

Although the big bus's car was a little far apart, it was heard and the picture was seen. Therefore, the people in the big bus were dumbfounded, and only Gu Ning's head was very clear.

Such an accident, such as Mo Chenyi and others who are military personnel, naturally rushed out for the first time. There was no extra time to think about the relationship between this matter and Gu Ning suddenly called them to stop.

Gu Ning couldn’t see someone dying in front of her, at least for innocent people, she couldn’t do it.

She said that she is nosy, no matter how much, she may be colder than the average person, but she is not a stone heart.

"Give me the car, don't come out." Gu Ning ordered the tone, then went out.

After the crowd reacted, Gu Ning had already run far.

Although Chu Peihan wanted to see how it was, but thought of Gu Ning's embarrassment, still not going.

There are two people in the big truck, all of them are bloody, and the consciousness is not clear. Fortunately, the viaduct is not very high, so although they have been seriously injured, they are still alive, but they are not far from death, if there is no Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didn't think too much. After Mo Chenyi and others rescued the two people inside, they immediately took out two auras and forced them to be taken.

Mo Chenyi and others have respected and trusted Gu Ning from the bottom of their hearts, so they have not stopped.

After taking the aura crystal, the wounds were immediately healed, but because of the heavier injuries, an aura can only heal half, but this is enough, as long as it is cultivated for a week or two, it will be fine. of.

Gu Ning cannot directly cure them, otherwise it will be difficult to explain.

When the big truck turned down, the road was blocked, but no one was accused of a car accident.

Mo Chenyi had to send the two injured to the hospital, but they were blocked by the big trucks. They could not move the car away, so they could only play 120 and also called the fire brigade.

When it was empty, Mo Chenyi suddenly remembered that Gu Ning had just called him and asked him to stop immediately. He looked at Gu Ning and tried to stop.

Gu Ning knows that if this matter is not given a reasonable explanation, it will inevitably lead to more speculation. This is not good, so he said to Mo Chenyi: "I suddenly gave birth to a bad feeling and felt that something was wrong. It’s going to happen, because it’s been done before, so I’ll let you stop immediately.”

I heard Gu Ning’s explanation, although Mo Chenyi felt a bit sinister, but believed, otherwise, there is no way to explain what happened!

"Miss Gu, thank you." Mo Chenyi said to Gu Ning solemnly, and said.

If it weren’t for Gu Ning, they would be afraid of an accident.

Others heard the words, and also respected Gu Ning solemnly, and sincerely thanked: "Miss Gu, thank you."

The onlookers did not hear their voices because they were far apart, but they were curious as to why the ten soldiers wanted to salute a girl.

“You’re welcome,” Gu Ning responded, then shouted: “This thing, don’t say it, you know it.”

"Yes, Miss Gu." Several people should answer.

Although Gu Ning said that he was welcome, but Gu Ning's kindness to them, they are in mind.

About five or six minutes, the ambulance came and immediately sent people to the hospital. Because the big trucks blocked the road, the ambulance can only go retrograde, and there is no way to do this, and it will not be held accountable.

In two minutes, the fire brigade came and removed the car at the fastest speed to let the way out.

Because of his identity, Mo Chenyi and others did not go to dinner with Gu Ning and others, and went back to the military region.

Gu Ning also knew that they had their own concerns, and they were not reluctant to call them when they were filming tomorrow.

Gu Ning returned to the car, and everyone looked at Gu Ning's eyes are weird.

Because they all know that this matter is obviously related to Gu Ning, but it is not easy to ask.

However, Gu Ning took the initiative to explain to them, and said to Mo Chenyi and others, because they did not want them to think.

After Gu Ning said this, everyone is no longer thinking about it.

I didn’t go to a five-star hotel for dinner, but I went to a good hotel.

After eating a good meal, the actor should go back to the room to rest first, and the staff needs to have a meeting because there are still many things to prepare and things to deal with.

Be prepared for clothing, because you can't let the actors wear their clothes! Today there is no clothing, so that the actors wear their own clothes.

There are also costumes that follow-up the extras need, such as in Miao Village.

There are also venues, schools, stockades, and the final venue. The final venue was almost completed in the shed, and the scenes were all special effects.

Gu Ning has invested a hundred million in this movie. Lu Zhan has to do the best. Although the time is urgent, it is not a big difficulty for them. In the process, it may take a little more time. Only.

(End of this chapter)

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