Chapter 54 is green

In the underground, it is the second lowest, on the platform, it is the second highest.

The wool is sold according to one, and it is sold according to the catty.

The wool material is not expensive, but it is judged from a professional point of view. If the outer skin is good and the green rate is high, it will be marked as the second highest, which will be more expensive.

Of course, it is not the second highest, it will definitely be green. After all, the gods are difficult to break the jade, and no one knows that there is green in the wool.

Therefore, even if the time is low, or is considered as waste, there is a high green probability.

However, these are all looking at luck.

Because there are quite a few people in the store, no one is entertaining, but it is good, Gu Ning really does not like someone in the ear to chatter!

Gu Ning immediately turned on the fluoroscopy and fired on the wool. The first was on the pedestal. Those were so-called high-order, high-yellow wool. But the result is that Gu Ning is disappointed, most of them are white flowers.

Although not all of them are jade, but the color is very mixed, not good jade, even if it is opened, it does not make any money, so Gu Ning does not want to waste this time on a bad jade.

Then, Gu Ning fired on the underground wool, and it was still a white flower.

It seems that even if there is such a strong plug-in, I have to let her have this luck encounter jade wool!

Disappointed to get out of this shop and walk into another shop.

The result is almost the same, either it is not a white flower, or it is an impurity, a bad jade.

Because Yu's aura is thin, Gu Ning will feel exhausted after using it for a while, and he will pray in the heart and hurry to find jade wool. Otherwise, her aura will be exhausted. If there is no aura, then the perspective will be over. .

God seems to have heard Gu Ning’s prayers. When Gu Ning was ready to take back the perspective, he saw two green wools in a pile of wool.

There is a big football in one block, but one is not much bigger than the average apple.

Both are rich in spirit and are top grade.

Gu Ning's heart is happy, but the face is not moving, not calmly, calmly and calmly took the cart dedicated to the guests to put wool, went over, and then picked up the two green wool. .

Gu Ning wanted to solve the stone, so in order to be less noticeable, Gu Ning also took three scraps, which were of different sizes, but they were not as big as football.

"Boss, count, how much is the wool?" Gu Ning pushed the cart to the counter.

The boss saw Gu Ning is just a little girl, some surprised, but the visitor is a guest, the boss is naturally polite.

Because the wool is marked with marks, it is not necessary to ask Gu Ning from which area, the boss knows that the wool is equal.

These wool materials are inferior in the wool area, so it is not expensive, two hundred dollars a pound.

Gu Ning's five pieces of wool are not big, so there are a total of forty pounds, that is, eight thousand dollars.

Eight thousand dollars seem to be few, the premise is that there is goods inside, if you buy stones with eight thousand dollars, it is high price.

After Gu Ning brushed the card, the boss asked: "This lady, do you want to solve the stone?"

"To" Gu Ning should be.

Gu Ning came to gamble, just to make money, naturally to solve the problem, the jadeite will be sold on the spot.

"Lao Zhang, someone has solved the stone." The boss shouted at the inner house.

"Come, come." A man in his fifties hurried out of the inner house, came to the counter and saw Gu Ning, and he was very surprised. He turned out to be a little girl.

Lao Zhang asked indefinitely: "Is this lady going to solve the stone?"

"Yes," Gu Ning said.

"Miss, please come with me." Lao Zhang immediately took Gu Ning to the Jieshi District and walked by.

When the guests who were looking at the wool had heard of some people, they surrounded them.

Although the possibility of solving jade is very small, almost zero, but the gambling stone is the heartbeat, even if it is impossible to know, it will hold the expectation.

This is not the master of the stone, but the people who look at it will have the same feelings.

When everyone saw that they wanted to solve the stone, they turned out to be a little girl, and they were all surprised.

It’s not that they are fussing, but most of them are middle-aged and old people, young people, and very few, let alone little girls, and have never seen them.

Gu Ning first took a piece of waste to Master Shijie, and handed it to Master Shijie. Master Shijie asked: "How do you cut the lady? Is it rubbing or cutting?"

"Cut it!" Gu Ning said.

"Is it straight cut, or do you need to draw a line?" Master Shijie asked again. Although it was determined that this was waste, no matter how it was cut, it was the same thing, so I asked people for their opinions.

"Cut directly!" Because it is waste, Gu Ning does not care.

Direct cuts are not indiscriminately cut from the middle, and the stone master has his own judgment.

The stone machine slammed and slammed down. It was just a white flower. After a knife, there was nothing. The third knife went down, the wool had been cut in half, or nothing, it was cut.

Even if I knew that this was waste, but after seeing it with my own eyes, everyone’s mood was inevitably affected and they were disappointed.

However, if it is really green, everyone has envy and hatred.

The human mind is so complicated.

Gu Ning calmly took another piece of waste and cut it again. The onlookers began to lose interest and left the Jieshi District.

In the third block, Gu Ning took a block with a large football size and a green wool.

"I will line this piece!" Gu Ning said, and took the strokes up.

Gu Ning did not draw the line too accurately, but there was no deviation.

The stone machine slammed again, and the knife was removed, and the skin was removed, revealing a touch of green.

Suddenly, Gu Ning felt a fairly strong aura, stimulating her nerves, so that she could not wait to absorb.

The aura penetrated into the eyes, and it was clear and cool, which made her feel more clear and the spirit became more and more abundant.

At the same time, Master Shijie excitedly shouted: "It’s green, it’s green.······"

This sound is like a blue sky, blowing up the entire shop.

The people in front of them were all surprised and wide-eyed, full of incredible, and those who had just left had immediately turned back, and some who just entered the store, all came up.

"What? I heard about green?"

"Yes! Really green, really green.·····"

The onlookers are more excited than the party of Gu Ning. After all, the gambling stone has always been ten gambling and losing, and the chance of getting green is not high.

Because most of them know that this piece of wool is Gu Ning, they all look envious of Gu Ning, just seeing Gu Ning's calm appearance, they are not good for the whole person.

(End of this chapter)

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