Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 59: Gu Ning's calculation

Chapter 59 Gu Ning's calculation

Because of the vastness of the public, Zhou Zhenghong did not want to make trouble with Shao Ping. Even if he was troubled, he was not his opponent. Therefore, Zhou Zhenghong bite his teeth and try to suppress his inner anger. He said coldly: "My affairs don't need you to control, Shao Ping, and many people will be self-satisfied. The night road will go too far, and sooner or later they will encounter ghosts. ”

"Hey! I Shaoping is really not afraid of ghosts! Zhou Zhenghong, you have the ability to buy it! Can't afford it! I can't afford it, I can give it to you." Shao Ping is provocative and humiliating.

"Who said that we can't afford it! Zhou Shu, let's go, we check out." Gu Ning came out, and did not give Zhou Zhenghong the room to talk and resist, and directly took him away, so that he could not break free.

"You······" Zhou Zhenghong was very surprised, how the strength of this little girl is so big.

He knows that this little girl is solving for herself, but she can't really afford it!

Shao Ping couldn't think of a little girl with Zhou Zhenghong. Some of them were boring, but he also wanted to see what Zhou Zhenghong had solved.

"Little girl, I don't buy it." Zhou Zhenghong said in a dilemma.

"Mr. Zhou, I know that you are still optimistic about this piece of wool, but you have concerns. In fact, I am also optimistic about this piece of wool. If you are not willing to take full risks, we will pay half of this wool, if it rises. Just split, you won't lose too much." Gu Ning knows that Zhou Zhenghong is also optimistic about this piece of wool, but because of the money, he will hesitate.

If Zhou Zhenghong wants to buy this piece of wool, Gu Ning will not fight for it, or he can wait until Zhou Zhenghong gives up and then wins.

However, Gu Ning has his own plans and purposes, so he will do so, deliberately approaching Zhou Zhenghong.


Zhou Zhenghong heard the words and was tempted.

He did not dare to take on this risk, but he was optimistic about this piece of wool, so he was hesitant.

If someone shares it, he is really shaken.

But he looked at the other girl, thinking that the other party would not have to gamble at all, and he didn't want to take advantage of the girl: "Girl, if you are jealous, you have to lose it!"

"I know, if it is up, then you can earn it! And gambling, there will always be a win or lose!" Gu Ning said.

Zhou Zhenghong tangled a bit, still agreed.

This piece of wool has six pounds and four thousand, 10,000 yuan a pound, which is 64,000.

Because buying wool requires registration and signature, it is actually bought by two people, it is natural to sign the names of two people.

After signing the word and paying the money, Gu Ning asked Zhou Zhenghong to take the wool and go to the stone.

When leaving, Gu Ning put the cart on his side and pushed it up. Zhou Zhenghong saw it and suddenly opened his eyes with shock: "Here, are you buying this?"

"Yes!" Gu Ning responded.

Zhou Zhenghong’s swallowing swallows, this little girl is too defeated!

However, if it can be so defeated, it means that the other party is not bad, but he does not need to be distressed. Besides, this is a matter of people, and they have already paid for it. He can’t say anything.

Because Shao Ping only looked at Zhou Zhenghong far away, he did not hear what they had just said, and they did not know that they were the ones bought together.

And Gu Ning is just a little girl. Shao Ping doesn't think it is bought by Gu Ning, so she thinks that Zhou Zhenghong bought it alone.

He knows that Zhou Zhenghong has gone bankrupt, but he can't afford a piece of wool, so he doesn't feel surprised.

However, when he saw the car wool that Gu Ning pushed, he was shocked.

Where did Zhou Zhenghong come to buy so much wool? How can this pile of wool be millions?

Shao Ping hurriedly walked over, and the yin and yang asked: "Hey! Zhou Zhenghong, where are you coming to buy so much wool?"

Although Zhou Zhenghong did not want to pay attention to Shao Ping, but did not want people to misunderstand that these wools are his, so he still explained: "Not my"

Wen Yan, Shao Ping breathed a sigh of relief, then ironically smiled: "Oh! I said it! How suddenly you have so much money to buy wool?"

However, since these hairs are not Zhou Zhenghong, then this is the little girl.

I can buy so much wool at once, it seems that this little girl's family is not simple, just do not know what relationship with Zhou Zhenghong!

No matter what the relationship is, they will know what they are doing, and let Shao Ping feel awkward in his heart.

He is worried that someone will help Zhou Zhenghong and let him come back. In this case, he will threaten him. He managed to defeat Zhou Zhenghong!

Zhou Zhenghong just looked at him coldly and did not speak. He walked directly to the Jieshi District.

"Hey! I have to look at it, you can solve something." Shao Ping also followed the past, the attitude of watching a movie.

When someone had a stone, there was a crowd of people, so many people were immediately surrounded.

Although there are several stone machines, Gu Ning's own wool is not in a hurry.

After the good line, the Jieshi master began to solve the problem.

A knife went down and revealed a light green color, and suddenly the sound of Master Shijie’s excitement was heard: “It’s green...·····”

Everyone heard the words, but they also followed the excitement. The most exciting thing is that Zhou Zhenghong.

It’s green, it’s really green.

The most ugly face is Shao Ping, and a pair of scorpions are incomparable.

It’s not easy to design him to go bankrupt, do you let him turn over?

no no······

Soon, the man was as wide as the palm of his hand, and the emerald of four or five centimeters thick came out.

The color is refreshing and the texture is fine. It is a species of hibiscus.

The hibiscus species is between the sorghum species and the ice species. It belongs to the middle and upper grade jadeite and its value is also very high.

Feel the rich aura, Gu Ning will naturally absorb.

However, when the emerald came out, someone naturally bids.

"I am out of five million"

"I am out of six million"


"18 million"

Finally, the hibiscus was planted to 18 million, and no one shouted.

Therefore, this hibiscus species will be shot at 18 million.

The most exciting thing is Zhou Zhenghong.

With money, he has money.

"Miss Gu······" Zhou Zhenghong went to Gu Ning and wanted to tell her about the transfer.

“Go all to your card first,” Gu Ning said.

Wen Yan, Zhou Zhenghong sighed, asked: "You are not afraid of me alone?"

"I believe you," Gu Ning said, not really believe in Zhou Zhenghong, but want to take the opportunity to test him.

If he ran, then even if she looked at the wrong person, if he didn't run, it would be a pass.

Of course, despite this money, it is not difficult for Zhou Zhenghong to make a comeback in Dongshan. But when he sees the jade that he has solved next, she believes that Zhou Zhenghong must know how to be the most favorable choice.

Being trusted, Zhou Zhenghong was moved in his heart, of course, because Zhou Zhenghong’s heart was right.

(End of this chapter)

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