Chapter 6 Visiting

I was afraid that I would continue to give her a check and let the other person feel that she was humiliating her, so Anzhen did not insist.

However, the other party saved her after all. If she didn't do anything, she wouldn't feel at ease.

Therefore, after Anzhen took the cheque, he took out the business card and handed it to Gu Ning: "Since you don't accept the check, then let's make a friend! This is my business card, what needs to go to my place? Although I am looking for me, as long as I can do what I can, I will never give up."

Compared with money, people are actually more serious, but Gu Ning has not refused.

It is not her greed, but people say it, just make a friend, if she does not accept it, then it seems to look down on others.

Moreover, she needs friends, needs contacts, she doesn't feel how strong she is, and she doesn't need help from others.

Of course, she has never been tough, and it is necessary to look at the wishes and abilities of others.

"Okay, then I will accept it." Gu Ning quickly took the business card.

Seeing Gu Ning's acceptance, An Zhen immediately reached out to her friendly hand and smiled and said: "Hello, my name is An Zhen."

Gu Ning also friendlyly held Anzhen’s hand: "Hello, my name is Gu Ning."

This is a formal understanding.

"I will leave first, otherwise my mother can't find me. I will be anxious. Don't expose me when I call the police. I don't want to bother." After that, I didn't wait for the Anzhen to respond. Gu Ning turned and walked away quickly.

"哎······" An Zhen wants to stop Gu Ning, she still has no contact information for her!

But Nai Gu Ning went too fast, and when An Zhen chased the stairs, people were gone.

And Yang Lan is still here, she can't leave, she can only do it.

Gu Ning left for a few minutes, and the rooftop came. The head is a middle-aged man wearing a white coat of about 50, followed by a young male doctor who is about 30 years old.

"Hey, you're fine!" As soon as it appeared, the middle-aged man headed immediately ran towards Anzhen and asked with concern.

"Dad, I am fine." Ann said.

"It's okay, nothing is fine." After seeing An Zhen with nothing, An's father was completely relieved.

However, after glanced at the rooftop, except for An Zhen, who was tied to the underground and fainted Yang Lan, there would be no other people, An Father asked: "The girl who saved you!"

"Oh! She is gone, afraid that her mother can't find her. I don't want to worry about her when she says the police. She doesn't want to bother." An Zhen told Gu Ning what he meant.

"Then you repaid the family?" An Father asked again.

"I gave her 500,000 cheques. She didn't want to. She gave her my business card and said that she would be a friend. If there is anything I can find, she will accept it." An Zhen said.

Wen Yan, An Father was also surprised, and at the same time grateful to Gu Ning, she is more affectionate to her.

Of course, if Gu Ning really wants to pay, they will never give birth to a bad feeling for her. After all, she saved the amnesty, which is an indisputable fact.

They settle down, not people who don't know the Entu newspaper. Even if they want one or two million, they will give it as refreshingly.

Gu Man went back to the ward before Gu Ning's forefoot. He didn't see Gu Ning, and suddenly he was anxious. He put out the apple bag and went out to find it. However, just after going out, I saw Gu Ning coming back, and my heart was relieved.

Gu Man also knew that he was worried about excessive, and did not say anything about Gu Ning.

Nothing happened overnight. The next morning, Gu Ning’s inspection report came out, showing no harm, and he was discharged.

With this result, Gu Man was completely relieved and immediately packed up and prepared to go home.

"Gu Ning, I am coming to see you." Just then, a female voice was heard outside the door.

Gu Ning looked at it, it was An Zhen.

Gu Ning was a little surprised, but she was not surprised, because after yesterday's event, she would come to see her, which is normal.

As for how the Anzhen knows that she is here, Anzhen is working in the hospital. If you ask, you will know.

Yes, after Gu Ning left yesterday, An Zhen was reminded of her later thoughts. Gu Ning was in the hospital, either sick or hospitalized, or her mother, because she mentioned her mother yesterday.

Of course, or yesterday she and her mother came to see relatives.

If Gu Ning, she would like to ask the help desk.

But if Gu Ning's mother, she would have no question, because she did not know the name of Gu Ning's mother.

If you are other relatives, you can't ask, and you don't have to ask.

However, when I went back to the service desk, An Zhen casually asked if there was a patient like Gu Ning.

I didn't want to report anything, but I really asked her, so I came to see her this morning.

"Miss Ann, you are coming." Gu Ning got up and said hello.

"This is your mother!" An Zhen asked to look to the side of Gu Man.

"Yes," Gu Ning said.

"Mr. Gu Ning, hello, I am An Zhen, Gu Ning's friend." An Zhen greeted Gu Man's friendly greetings.

In fact, for the name of Gu Man, An Zhen is entangled in his heart.

The other party is at most forty years old, and she is twenty-seven years old. Therefore, the other party is only in her early tens. When she calls her, she seems to call the other person old.

Call sister! She also claimed to be a friend with Gu Ning, and she called the sister’s words, and it was a mess.

Gu Ning is 18 years old, she is ten years old, let her call her aunt, and she does not say that the other party may not want to, even if she is willing, she is not willing!

Because she is called aunt, she will call her old.

This is really an embarrassing age! Why is she not in her early twenties now?

If she is only in her early twenties, she is still young and she is not forced to get married at home all day.

But she didn't even have an object, how to get married! And she still wants to be free for a few years, just don't want to get married so early!

Ok! Far away.

Although she and Gu Ning are ten years old, Gu Ning does not feel like an 18-year-old girl, but like a big girl who is about the same age as her.

Or, this is precocious!

"Miss Ann, hello" Gu Man also said hello to An An, although he was curious as to how Gu Ning would know a friend who was so different from his age, but he didn't think much.

She never limits the rights and freedoms of Gu Ning's friends, but she hopes that she will be measured.

"This is a supplement to Gu Ning, I hope that Gu Ning will recover soon." An Zhen handed things to Gu Man.

"Miss Ann came here, and brought something! I am embarrassed to make it." Gu Man is a little embarrassed, because she can see that these things are not cheap.

But she still took things. This is the intention of others. If it is rejected, does it mean that we can’t look down on others? She is not that kind of person.

"Small caution" An Zhen smiled.

(End of this chapter)

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