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Li Zhenzhen was so angry that he hated Gu Ning and heard that Qin Yifan actually invited Gu Ning to eat. She was even more angry.

"If you want to stop being disgusted, you should pay attention to your image. If you want to deal with this Gu Ning, you can secretly come." Li Zhenyu on the side warned.

He also hopes that Li Zhenzhen and Qin Yifan will be together, because of this, they will have a better help to Li Jiacai.

Therefore, he won the attention of Qin Yifan, and Gu Ning, who let Li really suffer, he naturally did not have a good impression.

No, it should be because of that 10 million, remember to hate.

Ten million is not a lot for their family, but they can do a lot of things, and they don't care, it's fake.

Li Zhenzhen heard a glimpse of the words, and at the same time, his eyes flashed with joy.

Yes! For Gu Ning, she can come in secret.

G city is her site, can't she still cope with Gu Ning?

Moreover, she knows the people on the Tao and deals with Gu Ning, which is a simple matter.

Thinking of this, Li Zhenzhen flashed a touch of grievances, and then the original angry emotions were also comforted, and his face was much better.

"No, I still have something to do, let's go!" Gu Ning refused Qin Yifan's invitation.

"That's okay!" Qin Yifan was not reluctant, and asked: "Are you still coming over?"

"If you don't come, you have to do other things." Gu Ningdao, after all, the jadeite of the top grade and the top grade is almost in her hands, and there are not a few pieces in the store.

It is very unreasonable for her to use the perspective to make huge profits. If all the jadeites inside are scraped, then selfishness will be somewhat angered.

Gu Ning said this, Qin Yifan is not good to say anything, just to marry him if he has any trouble, even if he is looking for him.

"Miss Gu, let's transfer now!" Zhou Zhenghong has been around Gu Ning, so she heard that she said something, in order not to delay her, she took the initiative to mention.

"No hurry, Zhou Shu, have a lunch together!" Gu Ning said.

"Good" Zhou Zhenghong did not refuse, after all, this money has not been transferred to Gu Ning!

When he left, Zhou Zhenghong took the initiative to help Gu Ning that he had not solved the wool.

When Gu Ning and others left, the store solved two pieces of top grade jade, a piece of middle-grade goods, and a piece of Chinese jadeite was immediately spread. Soon, many customers were greeted, so there were many Your shop is full at once.

It is shocking to hear that the two pieces of jadeite are a little girl.

Gu Ning has not yet planned to leave the antique market, so he found a restaurant in the antique market and set up a private room.

"Miss Gu, thank you very much this time! If it weren't for you, I thought I would give up that piece of wool, and I will pass the money." Zhou Zhenghong was very sincere to Gu Ning. Thank you.

Gu Ning smiled, can't be set, but I don't want to turn around, so I said directly: "Zhou Shu, I don't bend around with you, so I will say it directly! Actually, I help you, it is deliberate, there is Purpose, after knowing your identity."

Wen Yan, Zhou Zhenghong was very surprised and full of doubts.

on purpose? with reason? why?

Even if he knows his identity, his current status is different from the past. Now he is an ordinary person. There is no interest at all. What is her intention?

Although she knows that the other party has a purpose, Zhou Zhenghong is not angry with it because it looks like the other person's appearance is not malicious.

“Why?” Zhou Zhenghong asked.

"Because I have to set foot in the jewellery and jade industry, but I am still a student, I can't do it myself, so I lack a professional and competent manager. Although I don't know much about you, you just ran without money. Explain that you are not an insidious villain. And from the development of Zhoufu jewelry, your ability is also affirmed. So, after knowing your identity, I will see you."


Zhou Zhenghong was shocked and wide-eyed.

He couldn't think of the other girl, who was a 17-year-old girl, so discouraged, opened the company, and also took a fancy to himself, and tested himself in a situation he didn't know.

However, despite this, they are just a stranger who met once! Why do she believe in herself?

"We just met for the first time, even the understanding is not, why do you believe me?" Zhou Zhenghong asked.

"Yes, we met for the first time, even the understanding is not counted, I have no reason to believe you completely, but I am willing to believe in you. The employer is not suspicious, the suspect is not used, although this person is very short-sighted, but also a blind eye A person who can't be the slightest sand. If I treat him with sincerity, I will give him a bright future. If he betrayed me, there is only one in the end, that is death."

Speaking of the dead words, Gu Ning's body reveals a murderous, so that Zhou Zhenghong stunned, as if surrounded by a breath of death, take a breath.

Zhou Zhenghong is a person who has seen the big world and read countless people. From the momentum of Gu Ning, she can conclude that she is an absolutely hot Lord.

Of course, this is for the enemy, and he also believes that she is short-sighted to her own.

For Gu Ning's warning, Zhou Zhenghong did not contradict, but instead made him feel even more, Gu Ning is a real person.

And if he really chooses to follow Gu Ning, he feels that he will not give birth to two hearts. He is not afraid that Gu Ning will kill him, but his nature is like this.

"Perhaps, you are not optimistic about me, do not want to do things under the hands of a little girl, perhaps, you want to be the master of the house, come back. However, I believe that you are a smart person, the points are clear and the pros and cons. You come back, Need a lot of money and supply, and do not say that you are the most lacking of these two, just rely on you and Shao Ping's grudges, do you think he will let you stand up again? Fear is registration, it is a difficult to pass. Of course, you can avoid Shaoping to go to other places, but if you don't have enough funds and supplies, your development path will be very difficult."

This is a direct statement to Zhou Zhenghong's heart. Although he wants to make a comeback, he also knows that this is not easy.

Even if you avoid Shaoping, but there are other places, but the funds and sources of supply are big problems, and it is still the same thing.

"And I can make enough money and supply. Maybe you think that I am driving jade today, just luck, but it is not. I have my own unique skills, so I don't have to worry about funds and sources of supply. If you like, You can own 20% of the shares of the jewelry company. You will take care of everything in the company. You are the chairman of the board and have the rights of the chairman. I am just a behind-the-scenes boss. Discuss with me on things you can't decide."

(End of this chapter)

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