Chapter 65 Fu Lu Shou Jade

When Zhou Zhenghong grinded more than half of the time, Gu Ning’s cockscomb came out.

This head, for Gu Man, Gu Qing, Jiang Xinyue and himself to do four bracelets, four pairs of earrings, four jade pendant, and then make a jade finger for Jiang Xu, is enough. And there will be some jade, you can make a few jade pendants and several pairs of earrings, and sell them worth tens of millions. It will be in the store at that time.

Gu Ning has seen Qin's jewelry, design and sculpture are quite good, so Gu Ning intends to let Qin Jia to do.

"This, this, this..."

Zhou Zhenghong held the emerald with half of his head, and his breathing was extremely short. He felt that his heart was about to jump out. This is nothing to say.

"What's wrong?" Gu Ning saw, asked doubtful.

"This, this, this is, yes, the glass of the land, the Fu Lu Shou!" Zhou Zhenghong abolished a great force before he spoke, the look of the slowly shocked.

As soon as he heard Fu Lushou, Gu Ning also stopped.

Fu Lushou is a jade with three colors at the same time, with green, red and purple (or white). Fu Lu Shou Jade is a symbol of blessing, wealth and health.

It is an extremely rare and extremely sought after jade.

Just like this, it will cost more than 100 million yuan, which is much more expensive than the glass-type violets sold today.

Suddenly, Gu Ning changed his mind and used Fu Lushou to create jewelry for his family and let the cockscomb out.

Gu Ning sucked the aura of the top glass and the red crown, but did not absorb the aura of Fu Lushou.

Because Fu Lushou wants to build up for his family, it is better to have a reiki.

"Continue to grind!" Looking at the appearance of Zhou Zhenghong's soul, Gu Ning felt a little funny, but he understood his mood very well.

After all, Fu Lushou is the rarest jade, but it is not much worse than the emperor.

After hearing the voice of Gu Ning, Zhou Zhenghong only reacted after knowing it. After a deep breath, the emotions were calmed down and the stone was continued.

However, the hand was still a little trembling, because the wool was too expensive, and he felt very nervous, for fear of being careless and damaged.

After more than ten minutes, Zhou Zhenghong solved the whole piece of jade, and then handed it to Gu Ning, holding the hands of the emerald, all shaking.

Gu Ning took over Fu Lu Shou Jade, and she also saw her lost.

Three pieces of wool have been solved, and the time is almost three o'clock. It is the appointment of Zhao Yuefeng.

"Okay, let's go!" Gu Ning said, standing up and patted the dust on his body.

Out of the wool shop, Gu Ning let Zhou Zhenghong go back first, put the contract together, and sign the contract tomorrow morning.

Although she believes in Zhou Zhenghong, the contract still has to be signed, so that Zhou Zhenghong himself has a guarantee.

When Zhou Zhenghong left, Gu Ning went to the restaurant next to him and then called Zhao Yuefeng.

In less than three minutes, Zhao Yuefeng appeared in front of Gu Ning.

After all, the gambling stone street is so small, the distance between the two is less than 100 meters.

When Miss Gu sees Gu Ning, Zhao Yuefeng is very excited. People who don’t know, I thought I saw a lover!

"Please sit" Gu Ning invited, Zhao Yuefeng immediately sat down, Gu Ning asked: "What should Mr. Zhao drink?"

"No need to use it, or look at the emerald first!" Zhao Yuefeng immediately refused, and could not wait for the jade.

Gu Ning is a little crying and laughing, is it so urgent?

Ok! Then look at the emerald first!

"I have two top grade jadeites here, but I can only sell one piece to you, and one piece is for sale to Fu Lao. Because you are close, so let you choose first, but I hope you don't want to be old with Fu. Say."

Gu Ning said, he took two pieces of jade from his backpack.

When Zhao Yuefeng heard that Gu Ning had two top-grade jadeites, he was shocked with surprises, but then he heard that Gu Ning said that he could only choose one piece, which made Zhao Yuefeng inevitably somewhat disappointed.

But since there is a piece to give Fu old, he can't say anything, but Gu Ning can let himself choose first, or let him be very moved.

When seeing the two jadeites that Gu Ning took out, Zhao Yuefeng was shocked and dumbfounded.

He knows that it is the top grade jade, but he can't think of it. It turns out to be a red dragonfly, and it is still the top of the top.

The glass species are rare, but the red dragonfly is even rarer than the glass species, so at a glance, Zhao Yuefeng is fascinated by the red dragonfly.

"Gu, Miss Gu, you, you are too bad! Actually, even...", one day, no, one of the top grades of jade was opened in the morning.

Zhao Yuefeng’s swallowing of swallowing water shocked Gu Ning’s luck and he couldn’t even say anything.

If Zhao Yuefeng knows that Gu Ning has opened more than these four pieces of jade today, there are two pieces of the old pit glass and the glass type of violet, a piece of the best Fu Lushou, will certainly be scared.

Of course, there are still dozens of jadeites that have not been opened.

"Mr. Zhao, choose it!" Gu Ning said.

"I want to be red," Zhao Yuefeng said without hesitation.

"Okay, then you check the goods first, then bid." Gu Ning handed the red dragonfly to Zhao Yuefeng.

Zhao Yuefeng took the red dragonfly and his hands were shaking.

"Miss Gu, I am out of 35 million." This cockscomb is a grade of the old block high ice he bought before, which is about the same size, but it is almost one-third higher than the value of the old pit ice. .

35 million is indeed a very suitable price, not high or low.

“Good” Gu Ning is also refreshing, higher than he expected.

Then the two were happy to trade.

After the transaction, Zhao Yuefeng did not have much to stay because Fu Lao had already called.

Zhao Yuefeng left for a few minutes, and Fu Lao arrived.

"Gu Yutou, jade! Jade!" They have not yet reached the front of Gu Ning, Fu Lao began to shouted excitedly, the pace of running is fast, if not the two followers around him, afraid that it will fall.

Gu Ning was a little crying and laughing, and quickly got up and greeted him: "When you are in a hurry, the jade will not run away."

"The top grade jade, how can you not be anxious! I am really afraid that it will run away!" Fu Laoyi said seriously, as if the jade will really run away, but the top grade jade, really makes Fu Lao very anxious.

Simply not giving Gu Ning a chance to speak, Fu Lai then urged: "Quickly, take out the jade."

"You sit first, I will take it." Gu Ning greeted, and immediately took out the remaining glass of jade from the backpack.

Although I knew that it was the top grade jade, I was shocked and excited when I saw this jadeite is a glass jade.

"Good things, good things!" Fu Lao immediately took over the jade, and looked at it in detail. Although he liked it, he still couldn't help but feel sorry for it. Why is it not the best old glass? If it is the best, it will be even rarer.

(End of this chapter)

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