Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 66: Was touched by porcelain

Chapter 66 was touched by porcelain.

"Shantou, this glass kind of jade, I am 30 million, how?" Fu Lao said.

"Good" Gu Ning has no opinion, because this price is very fair, no one will suffer.

Now, Gu Ning’s funds add up to almost 270 million.

"Ha ha ha! Shantou is refreshing, good, transfer money immediately." Gu Ning's refreshing makes Fu Lao's good feelings for her a little more, and immediately called to transfer money.

"If you don't mind if you don't mind, then you will call me a grandfather, and there is something to go to Grandpa's grandfather. Although he said, Grandpa Fu will help." Fu Lao said, it is a sincere friend. It is.

After reading countless people, he naturally saw that Gu Ning was not ordinary. In the future, he would be a big man.

"Fu Grandpa, I really have something to ask for your help!" Gu Ning is not polite with Fu, she really needs something to help Fu Lao.

"Oh! What? Tell me." Fu was slightly surprised and curious, asked.

"It is like this. I plan to register a jewelry company, but I also know that this process is very troublesome. So, I would like to ask you, is there any acquaintance in the Industry and Commerce Bureau, can you make it convenient, smoother, faster, of course? I will be fully prepared for the required information." Since Fu Lao was asked to help, Gu Ning naturally could not hide it. If he could follow the relationship, he would try to go. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with it.

"What? You want to open a jewelry company?" Wen Yan, Fu is scared, this is that this girl is not ordinary, in the future is a big man, and now gave him a thunder.

Opening a jewelry company, this is a big deal.

"Yes," Gu Ning is very serious.

“How much is the registered capital?” Fu Lao responded and asked.

"The initial funding is 100 million, and will be added later." Gu Ning responded.

Wen Yan, Fu Lao still took a breath, although for the jewelry line, 100 million funds is only a small investment, but for the 17-year-old girl of Gu Ning, it is very bad.

This kind of discouragement is not something that ordinary people can have.

However, Gu Ning is a little girl. Although he feels that he is not ordinary, he is smart and capable, but he is still not very optimistic about starting a business.

Therefore, Fu Hao asked indefinitely: "Are you sure you want to open a jewelry company? Entrepreneurship is not a matter of money, but also the ability to operate, to determine that there is always a source of supply. And, you a student, can you have time to manage?"

Fu Lao is not trying to stop Gu Ning, but he is afraid that Gu Ning will think things too simple and suffer.

Gu Ning naturally knows that Fu Lao is kind, and seriously: "F, Grandpa, I am fully prepared, and I have professionals to help me manage, so don't worry."

Since Gu Ning has said this, Fu Lao is not good at saying anything more, and they are not very familiar. Some things are not too good to ask: "Well, registering this matter is not a trivial matter for you, Grandpa Fu." Yes, have you grown up?"

"Well, adulthood." Gu Ning said: "But the store has not found it. When I found the store, I would contact Grandpa Fu, and I would have trouble with Grandpa Fu."

"Well, no problem, it is wrapped in Grandpa Fu." Fu Lao patted his chest and said with pleasure.

"Then thank you Grandpa Fu first," Gu Ning said.

Fu Lao did not wait long before he left, Fu old left, Gu Ning also left.

However, Gu Ning just left the gambling stone and went to the antique street.

Gu Ning looks at antiques, not for the purpose of collecting antiques, but for the sake of leaks, so I don’t have to go into the shops directly, I just watched them on the outside stalls.

Although the shops are not necessarily authentic, the authentic products are marked and expensive.

However, what disappoints Gu Ning is that he has seen a lot and still has not seen the real thing.

After walking for a while, I finally let Gu Ning see a reiki object at a booth. It is a wine cellar with a strong aura, indicating that the age is not short.

"Boss, how can I sell this?" Gu Ning asked, pointing at a glass of wine.

The other party saw that Gu Ning was a little girl. She didn't think she would buy it, so she didn't have any enthusiasm. She said in a perfunctory way: "This is the object of Qianlong's years, 10,000."

How can the objects of Qianlong's years be as simple as 10,000! How can I get five or six hundred thousand.

Therefore, in the eyes of the stall owner, this wine cellar is a fake.

But this time, the stall owner really looked away, this wine cellar is really authentic, but it was only in that era, Gu Ning did not know it.

Since it is a genuine product, Gu Ning does not care about this tens of thousands of dollars, immediately take a hundred dollars from the backpack and hand it to the boss.

The boss really can't think that this little girl will buy, and still not bargaining! Suddenly surprised, some reactions did not come.

He decided that the little girl would not buy, and would deliberately shout the price, otherwise, this thing only buys a few hundred pieces.

Is this thing true?

However, this thought was suppressed when he came out, because he did not believe that he would have real goods, but where the real goods are easy to get!

It seems that this little girl didn't understand anything, she was simply fooled.

The slaughter of the big sheep, the boss is naturally happy, reacted, and quickly took over the money, or else the other side regrets it is not good.

What he didn't know was that Gu Ning was cheaper, and he missed more and more money.

The boss received the money, Gu Ning took the goods, the silver goods were two, the boss has no room for remorse.

After Gu Ning put the wine cellar in his backpack, he got up.

But at this moment, a "jingle" sound rang at her feet, only to see a pile of broken porcelain in the ground, and then with the screams of men: "Ah! My green bean glaze vase..."

Then, the young man roared Gu Ning and roared: "It is you, you hit my porcelain into the ground, broke it, you have to pay for me."

In the end, Gu Ning will be clear, she is encountering porcelain.

Touching porcelain is also the norm in the antiques world. It uses fakes to collide with pedestrians inadvertently, and destroys the porcelain. Then the owner of the porcelain will be 'righteous words' to the person who touches the porcelain according to the corresponding genuine porcelain. The price is compensated.

Not to mention, the cheat rate of this kind of porcelain is still very high, because they specifically pick some people who seem to be bullying.

And Gu Ning, a little girl, is courageously small, and when she is scared, she will naturally lose money, so the girl is picked up.

Moreover, when such a thing happens, outsiders do not dare to help in order to avoid trouble.

It’s just that the other person is reading the wrong person. Although Gu Ning is a little girl, she is not a good bully.

"I didn't touch your porcelain," Gu Ning calmly said calmly.

Yes, although the other party is obviously touching porcelain, she did not encounter it.

(End of this chapter)

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