Chapter 71 will come back

"I still have things, you can go find friends!" Qin Yifan said, this is disguised in the disappointment.

"Every time you watch a movie, you say something." Although I know that this will be the result, when I heard it, Li Zhenzhen was inevitably hurt.

She has been so upside down, why is he always unmoved!

I want her to be true, to have a family history, to have a degree in education, to have looks and looks, to have a figure, and a lot of men chasing her, but Qin Yifan, but always take her as a sister.

She is not going to be a sister! She wants to be Qin Yifan’s girlfriend, no, it’s a wife.

"Yi Fan······" Li Zhenzhen still wants to say something, but at this time, her cell phone rang.

Li Zhenzhen’s mobile phone was placed at the table. When he saw the caller ID, Liu Ge, Li Zhenzhen’s heart was awkward, and then he was delighted.

"That, I went out to pick up the phone." Li Zhenzhen took the phone and immediately got up and left the seat, not in front of Qin Yifan, naturally he was worried that he heard it.

Li Zhenzhen went straight to the outside of the restaurant and picked up the phone. Because of the excitement, he did not wait for the other party to speak. Li Zhenzhen took the lead: "Hey, Liu Ge, is things going well? I will leave it later. The next 50,000 yuan will hit your account."

"Oh! Miss Li, is my innocence worth only 100,000 yuan?" Gu Ning sneered, asking meaningfully.


What exactly is going on? Why did they clearly accept her money but not help her?

"Miss Li, today, I remembered Gu Ning, I will get it back, you have to be careful! Don't turn the boat in the gully, it's not good!" Gu Ning's fruit Threatening.

"Do you threaten me?" Although Li Zhenzhen was scared, he was angered by Gu Ning. A face suddenly became gloomy and gnashed.

"Yes, I am threatening you." Gu Ning admits that he is so happy that Li Zhenzhen almost bite a silver tooth and hate it.

After a pause, Gu Ning continued: "Miss Li, since you have the ability to do it, you should have the ability to bear the consequences, right!"

After all, I don’t wait for Li Zhenzhen’s response, Gu Ning will directly hang up the phone.

Li Zhen was so angry that she almost dropped the phone. She didn't understand Gu Ning's identity background. Moreover, Gu Ning could get Liu Ge's mobile phone to call her, indicating that Gu Ning is not simple.

Therefore, Li Zhenzhen’s threat to Gu Ning is still somewhat taboo and uneasy.

This time, Li Zhenzhen did not have any mood to go to the movies. After forcing the calm and Qin Yifan to eat a good meal, he said that he had a headache and let Qin Yifan let her go home.

She is really worried about what happened to her alone on the way home!

Li Zhenzhen did not entangle Qin Yifan again. This made Qin Yifan happy to see it.

But if he knows that Li Zhenzhen is not entangled in his willingness, he will certainly not be so calm.

Here, after Gu Ning and Li Zhenzhen hang up the phone, they directly dropped the phone to the man and turned and left.

They will not retaliate, Gu Ning does not know, but what she can do, only the soldiers will cover the water.

Gu Ning went to the front of the hotel's car, opened the driver's seat, and directly turned the stunned person inside, thrown into the ground unceremoniously, and then got into the car.

Start the engine, pour out the alley, and then leave directly.

After Gu Ning left, on the side of the road opposite the Hutong, a black Maserati's driving position, the window slowly swayed.

Two men sat in the car and looked at the direction in which Gu Ning left.

Sitting in the driver's seat, dressed in beige casual clothes, the man of about twenty-six years old, the handsome face is full of surprises, and the bird wants to be: "The trough, this little girl is young, it is so I can't help but itch and want to fight with her. What should I do?"

"You are not her opponent." The cold voice rang in the co-pilot. This is a splash of cool water for the man.

The man on the first officer is a few years older than the man on the driver's seat. It is almost thirty. The facial features are cold and angular, and the eyes are deep and unpredictable. The temperament carries the domineering power of the superior.

Wen Yan, the man on the co-pilot suddenly looked bad, complaining: "Boss, you don't want to be so long-spirited, destroy your own prestige!"

"If it is you, can you fight them in the ground within a minute?" the man asked.

"This······" The man was ashamed, obviously, he could not.

Although he can beat them down in a few minutes, they can't be as crisp and neat as the girl, one or two to make an enemy.

"The whirlwind, let people go to investigate, who are the people under them, dare to pick up the work privately, when my words are the wind in the ear?" The man said coldly, his eyes clearly revealed anger.

And this man, it is the youth who is now a family member, Situye.

Although the Green Gang is a gang, it is also subject to orthodox constraints. It is not allowed to accept private activities and receive protection fees.

Of course, even if there are regulations, this kind of thing can't be avoided. No matter where, there will be people who are rebellious.

It is the country, and there are still a lot of corrupt officials.

Just if it is not discovered, there will be no accidents. If it is discovered, it will happen.

"Yes, boss." Chu whirlwind heard, should be down.

Gu Ning drove out and didn't stop far and stopped. It wasn't because I didn't recognize the road, because there was navigation, but she now needs to know where the driver who should have picked him.

When she didn't know the truth, she had half of the doubts and half of the driver's concerns.

If the driver is not with them, then the driver may have something wrong.

Therefore, after staying away from the case, Gu Ning rushed to find a stop, immediately took out the mobile phone and broadcast the phone of the driver's brother.

Unfortunately, the phone has been connected, but it has not been connected.

When Gu Ning intends to report to the police, the trunk is moving, and Gu Ning’s brain flashes. It’s not going to... Gu Ning hurriedly opened the engine of the trunk, then got off and walked towards the trunk. .

At first glance, I saw that the driver who was supposed to pick him up was **** with five flowers, rags and stuffed in the trunk, and he was struggling.

Seeing Gu Ning, suddenly his eyes were beaming, knowing that Gu Ning came to save him, and the excited Gu Ning screamed.

Gu Ning saw that the driver's brother was fine, and he was relieved, and then immediately loosened him.

The rag in the mouth was taken down, and the driver who was freed immediately said with apologetic: "Gu, Miss Gu, sorry, I, I don't know who I have offended, thank you for saving me!"

(End of this chapter)

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