Chapter 83 Gifts

For fear of Gu Qing’s refusal, Gu Ning hurriedly added: “Yi, you can’t refuse, we are all family. My mother and I are so lonely, I have to go to your place! I am Bribe in advance."

One sentence is a family, so Gu Qing can not refuse: "Well, listen to you, but you will not go to school tomorrow, this is not good!"

Gu Ning’s academic performance has been very bad, afraid that she will take time off and delay learning.

"It’s just a day off, it’s okay, and it’s time to do business, and it’s time to go to work!” Gu Ning said.

"Okay!" Gu Qing had to compromise.

Because Gu Ning and Gu Man said that after hitting the head, the memory became very good, and the things I saw could be deeply imprinted into my mind, so I believe that she did not express dissatisfaction with her leave for tomorrow.

"Right, I bought clothes for you in G City. I will go and get it for you." Saying, Gu Ning went to the second bedroom, avoiding them, taking things out of the space, just be It was here when she came to buy a house.

"This child..."

Gu Qing has been unable to vomit, but Gu Ning's intentions have made them all moved.

Gu Ning's big bag was taken from the room, all placed on the sofa, and the acute child Gu Qing hurriedly put down the things and took Gu Man to see.

"Everyone has a share! This is the uncle's." Said, Gu Ning Jiang Xu's bag was placed directly in front of him, and then took two bags, respectively, to Gu Man and Gu Qing: "This It’s both of you”

Gu Man and Gu Qing quickly took over and then immediately opened to see.

"This is a happy heart" Gu Ning finally gave to Jiang Xinyue, Jiang Xinyue also immediately received: "Thank you sister"

And her own, did not come up.

"Yeah! This is Lancome's skin care products, this, this is very expensive!" After opening, Gu Qing could not help but exclaimed.

She naturally knows that Lancome is an international brand, and it is quite expensive.

"This, this is the Armani suit." Jiang Xu was also surprised, then hi, he dreamed of having a decent suit! But the poor suits are going to be hundreds of thousands, and he can't bear to buy it!

Now this is not just a decent, it is just too good.

"This dress is Gucci's, the style is too beautiful." Gu Qing was surprised and happy, and he took it to the body, and asked Gu Mandao: "The fourth and fourth, you see, how?"

"Good-looking and good-looking" Gu Man smiled and nodded, looking at the clothes in his hand, also happy.

Although they are never vain, but women, which do not like beautiful clothes!

"This dress is so beautiful!" Jiang Xinyue also shouted excitedly with a skirt.

"There are mobile phones"

In the end, everyone saw the bottom of the phone, and it was a burst of excitement.

"I also have" Jiang Xinyue also exclaimed excitedly.

It was said that several people also hurriedly pulled out the phone from the bag and immediately opened it.

"It's so beautiful!"


A group of people holding their own clothes and mobile phones, can't put it down, thanked Gu Ning again and again.

"Gummy" Gu Ning smelled the smell, and quickly ran to the kitchen.

Gu Man and Gu Qing heard the words, this only remembered that the fire was not closed, scared to throw clothes on the sofa and ran to the kitchen.

Fortunately, just a little bit of paste, but also to eat.

Gu Ning, this is a very sensitive nose, so I asked a little bit of it.

When I was idle, Gu Ning took out my mobile phone and watched the situation of ‘Calling the Family in the Family’. They were all @she, and asked her if she had returned, and she also gave a gift.

Gu Ning shook his head helplessly, hit a pass word, and sent the past: Come back, at home, but tomorrow, something will not come to school, the gift will be given to you the day after tomorrow.

Hao Ran: Boss, what do you need, do you need help?

Mu Ke: Yes, yeah!

Gu Ning: Nothing big, just go with my mom and the second to do something, hey, don't let the teacher know!

Hao Ran: Auntie is discharged from the hospital! Why don't you tell us, we will pick you up with you! And you can celebrate it.

Zhang Tianping: Yeah!

Gu Ning: It doesn't matter.

Chu Peihan: What gift did you bring to me!

Everyone: Yes, yeah! It is a gift!

Gu Ning: I will say the day after tomorrow, that's it. I haven't eaten yet, I have to eat.

After that, I will ignore them directly, and it is also because I have to eat.

It’s already nine o'clock. They are not eating dinner, but staying up late.

But this meal, everyone is very happy to eat.

After eating a good meal, it was almost ten o'clock, so it didn't take long for Gu Qing's family to leave.

Because they have to clean up, otherwise, Gu Man will let them live here tonight.

And because they will move over tomorrow, their clothes will not be brought back, so as not to cause trouble.

When they left, Gu Ning slammed them, just pick up some important things that are important to them.

What pots and pans are being smashed, you don't have to take them directly, because there are new houses.

For some furniture, it would be nice to find a time to sell it.

Also confess, their things, don't let people around Gu family know, we will pass our own. If they find out, that is their business.

After Gu Qing’s family left, Gu Ning and Gu Man each cleaned up their room.

Gu Man originally wanted to give the master bedroom to Gu Ning, but was rejected by Gu Ning.

Gu Ning lived here for only a year and a half. After half a year, she will go to Beijing, and she will buy a house there with her own name.

Gu Ning does not intend to take care of the vines to live together. At most, let her play for a while. It is impossible to live for a long time.

Because when she arrives in Beijing, she will become very hot and will be in danger.

Gu Ning did not bring out much from the old house that day, because they did not have anything worthwhile, just brought the account and a few pieces of clothes that can still be worn.

Others, already very old, are lost.

It’s not that she likes new things, but she never treats herself. When she can be good to herself, she tries to be good to herself. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to live!

After packing up, Gu Man and Gu Ning said for a while, then they slept.

Before going to bed, it was almost twelve o'clock. Gu Ning turned on the mobile phone and watched the whispering group of ‘Heavy the family’s family’, but Gu Ning had no intention of bubbling.

This night, Gu Man and Gu Ning all slept very well, but Gu Qing and Jiang Xu were insomnia. Obviously still thinking about what happened today, there are still some unreal feelings.

"Xu Ge, do you have an unreal feeling about things tonight?" Gu Qing asked, and the shocked feeling could not be calmed down.

This feeling is like a rocket. When you look at it, you fly from the ground to the sky.

"Yes! But this is true." Jiang Xu answered.

(End of this chapter)

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