Chapter 88 boss, hello cow!

The distance between Gu Ning and Chu Peihan to ten laps is one minute.

Ordinary people run, the speed is three minutes and thirty seconds to four minutes and one kilometer, of course, the longer the more tired, and then to five points and six minutes.

Four kilometers, Gu Ning spent 13 minutes, Chu Peihan used 14 minutes.

When she finished running, Chu Peihan was already very tired, but her body was still stable.

The time distance between Mu Ke and Chu Peihan is also a time distance of about one minute.

When I finished running, it was all soft.

Yu Mixi ran for five laps, and after running with Mu Ke, he was too tired.

However, after a few days of running, it is much better than the beginning.

Then Hao Ran and Qin Zixun were Zhang Tianping and Zhang Tianping finally spent nearly twenty minutes.

"Hey, hey, I am not the last..." "Nothing to run, Hao Ran excited and happy smile, as if running is not a gift of early reading, but a life-like, let everyone tolerate Living in his eyes, is it so serious?

"No big deal, don't just deduct a morning reading!" Zhang Tianping said indifferently.

"Reassuring, not deducting, is to mobilize your positive attitude." Gu Ning said.

"Boss, you are so dark!" The crowd said in unison, the voice was full of powerlessness.

Gu Ning did not care, took the backpack, sat directly on the lawn, and everyone sat down.

"I don't know what to buy, just buy it, this is the four of you."

Said, Gu Ning took things out from inside, first four paper boxes, directly thrown to Mu Ke four boys.

"Wow! Boss, you are really too casual, just go to the international brand." Seeing the sign on the paper box, Hao Ran exclaimed.

"Yes! Boss, have you got the money?" Muko then asked.

Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping were both surprised and puzzled and looked at Gu Ning, a curiosity.

Don't blame them for surprise, don't blame us for thinking about it. They all know the family of Gu Ning's family, let alone buy international brands, which are not affordable for domestic brands.

However, she actually bought them something that was afraid of international brands.

"What brand?" Chu Peihan heard the words, curious and immediately grabbed the paper box in the hands of Mu Ke, and looked at it, but also shocked: "Mom! It is Armani."

Then, I was surprised to see Gu Ning.

Gu Ning did not respond, but handed the bag from the bag to Chu Peihan.

When everyone saw the sign on the bag, it was a surprise, it was Lancome.

I immediately throw the paper box in my hand to Mu Ke, and I don’t have time to see what is inside.

"Boss, you shouldn't have gotten the money! It's so big." Chu Peihan immediately took her gift and asked in surprise.

Gu Ning still did not respond, took the gift from Mihi and handed it to her.

"Wow! It's a wallet."

At this time, Hao Ran has opened the paper box.

"Wow! My perfume is the boss. I just love you. How do you know that you like perfume? You just don't want it." Chu Peihan was ecstatic and gave Gu Ning a big bear hug.

Gu Ning did not know how much Chu Peihan liked perfume, but she knew that she liked it, because every time she saw Chu Peihan, she smelled perfume on her body.

"I, my mobile phone." Yu Mixi also opened his own packaging and saw that it was a mobile phone, excited and pleasant.

Although she has a mobile phone, although it is also a smart machine, it is bought and used, a few hundred dollars. And it is too old, and she is generally embarrassed to take it out.

"Ningning, this, this is too expensive, you······" Although Mi Xi likes it very much, but it feels too expensive, at first glance, I know that it will cost more than two thousand.

"Yeah! Boss, although this said a little hurt your self-esteem, but we all know about your family, how can you buy such a valuable thing for us!" Like to like it, happy to be happy, but Gu Ning's conditions However, it cannot be ignored, so Chu Peihan bluntly said.

One or two also looked at Gu Ning, although they did not speak, but the look has already expressed their doubts.

Being so cared and thinking, Gu Ning's heart is warm, although I can't tell them too much, I can still tell them a little.

Therefore, Gu Ning saved himself (well! Actually, it is not a saver, but it has only helped a lot, but it is more convincing to save people.) Then the other party gave her a reward in order to repay. The egg-sized emperor green emerald, she took it for sale, she got ten million.

As for going to G City, she will not say it.

"What? Emperor Green? Ten million?"

I heard that everyone is dumbfounded, do you want to be so shocked!

Although in addition to Mu Ke and Qin Zixun, others did not understand the jade, but the emperor green still heard it, it is the king of emerald! It’s too expensive to die.

This is not the same size as a quail egg, it is 10 million.

Although in addition to Mickey, other people are not bad at home, that is, Zhang Tianping, they also have millions of assets, but thousands, they really did not get it.

It’s Muko’s jewelry store, but it’s just a few million assets.

Therefore, 10 million for them, is still a huge sum of money.

The jade jewelry of Muko Jewelry is a low-grade variety, and a ring is only a few hundred.

So the emperor green is simply a legend.

Qin Zixun has also seen jade jewels in the ancestors, medium jade and middle and upper jadeites, but emperor green, but only seen in the trees and on the network.

For a while, all the talents reacted, but it was still unsettled and shocked.

"Boss, hello cow!" Hao Ran praised, simply admire the five bodies! The land is going to be a **** for Gu Ning.

Several people have echoed.

Yu Mixi is very envious, but she is not embarrassed, because she is very self-aware, even if she is given 10 million to let her save people, she can not do it.

"But the boss, why don't you bring us a full blessing and then sell it!" Mu Ke complained.

"Yes! It’s more exciting to see the emperor green than to see the stars." Although Qin Zixun doesn't like jewelry, if he sees the emperor green and goes to his own uncle and cousin, he will definitely envy them. Oh no.

"If it were me, I would rather see the stars, especially my male god, Xu Zhefan." When it comes to the male god, Chu Peihan becomes a madman in the second, and his face is gentle, and the eyes look like stars, so that everyone can bear it. Can't live a goose bump.

"Well, I don't want this thing to pass to other people's ears. I don't want to be robbed someday!" Gu Ning reminded.

"Yes, boss, we will never say it."

(End of this chapter)

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