Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 99: Monthly exam, the first volume

Chapter 99, the first exam, the first volume

After Gu Ning came back, Gu Man and Gu Qing also left the dishes being washed, and took Gu Ning for a while! Gu Ning is so sorrowful, but it is very understandable.

After they went to cook, Gu Ning had time to talk to Jiang Xu about the relationship.

Of course, Gu Ning only said that he had found a classmate's father to help him, because his relationship with the classmate was very good, so his father was very upset and only greeted him one afternoon.

There is also a building material business, Gu Ning also revealed a little, saying that her classmate's father is doing real estate, using the building materials of this building material dealer, saying that if he does this building materials, he will find him later. Cooperation.

After listening to this, Jiang Xu was very excited.

Just want to help Gu Ning, so Jiang Xu feels embarrassed.

Although Gu Ning said that he would not interfere with the building materials company, he is now interfering, but Jiang Xu does not mind.

Moreover, every thing that Gu Ning did was something that Jiang Xuzheng felt was difficult to do, and it was simply a gift in the snow.

Friday, the monthly exam.

Gu Ning and others will still gather on the football field, but they don’t run any more, just walk around and talk.

"The most annoying is the exam. Anyway, the exam is the same. If it is not forced by the family, I don't want to study!" Hao Ran said irritably, reading for him is simply a nightmare.

"I don't like reading, but I still have to read it, I have to read it." Chu Peihan said, this is why she is always absent from class, and the reason is good, because she is playing, but it is still very time to learn. Hard work.

Of course, some people are born with high IQ and will use less time than the average person to learn more than the average person. Chu Peihan is such a person.

In fact, the IQ of Hao Ran and others is not low. Otherwise, they will not operate their bars so well. They just don’t want to learn things that they are not interested in. If they study hard, they will not go bad. .

On the basis of their performance, they are better than the previous Gu Ning, in the worst seven classes, because they are noisy.

"Books continue to read better, even if the family conditions are good, do not eat and wear, but parents can not raise you for a lifetime. In the future, you have to inherit in the enterprise, if the ability is not enough, will be eliminated, replaced by the strong. Ability is the need for a wealth of professional knowledge, strong social experience and its vast interpersonal relationship, and the university is the best place to learn knowledge." Mu Ke Xue Ba is the leader.

"Mu Ke said that the university is still very important." Gu Ning agreed.

"In any case, I must go to college, and then I want to make a good start to let my family live a good life." Yu Mixi has great expectations and longing for the university, because she wants to change herself and her family too much. The environment is gone.

"I will definitely" Gu Ning encouraged.

Anyway, she will not look at Mi Xi's bad feelings, she will cultivate Mi Mi to become her own, give her a splendid glory.

But now is not the time to say this, wait until her industry is stable.

By the time, they returned to the classroom.

Because it is only a monthly test, there is not much difference from the general test.

The first one is the language, the time of two classes, one class is forty-five minutes, plus the middle ten minutes of inter-class time, a total of one hundred minutes.

It can only be handed over after half an hour of examination, but no one has ever handed it in.

Just don't do it, it will grind to the same time.

Gu Ning used a class of time, and finished the test papers. The first one was handed over, and then walked out of the classroom.

When everyone saw it, they were surprised. They couldn’t think of Gu Ning’s first test paper. Before that, it was almost the same one. However, everyone knows that Gu Ning's performance is not good, so I feel that she will not do this, and she will hand it in early.

Because it is time to hand over, so the teacher does not feel anything, and there is no hope for Gu Ning anyway.

However, when the invigilator saw Gu Ning’s papers, he was surprised.

All of them have been written, and the handwriting is very neat, and the answer... is all right.

Composition, writing is extremely high, almost full marks.

Of course, the composition will never give a perfect score, no matter how good it is, it will be deducted one or two points.

Because Mi Xi got Gu Ning's counseling these days, she knew that Gu Ning's performance had become very good, even better than her, so Gu Ning had already handed in the volume, and it was definitely done.

After Gu Ning's handing over, I went to the pavilion in the garden to enjoy the cold. Because one is used to it, I don't feel bored.

However, Gu Ning came to have five or six minutes, Hao Ran three came, because before said good, after the test, he came out to sit in the pavilion.

Hao Ran, they really can't write, they will hand over.

When I saw Gu Ning, the three people were surprised, because they all heard that Gu Ning’s performance was very poor. So early in the morning, it should be like them, can’t write down!

Although he thought so, Hao Ran still asked: "Boss, you finished this, or can't write it!"

"It's finished!" Gu Ning said.

"So fast! How much do you think is right?" Qin Zixun asked.

"Nine floors"

Nine floors, that is, more than ninety, this time, Hao Hao several people were shocked.

"Are you sure?" Hao Ran asked in disbelief.

Doesn't it mean that Gu Ning's performance is very poor?

Gu Ning naturally knew the reason for their surprise. When she gave Mickey counseling in her spare time, she was amazed.

"I will know when the results come out." Gu Ning did not explain much.

"Okay!" Gu Ning did not even say, they no longer asked.

Then, Hao Ran said: "Boss, today is Friday, go to our bar to play at night!"

Hao Ran was invited for the second time, Gu Ning is not good to refuse: "Well! When is it, where are you, I will come to you."

"After a good test, go to dinner together, then go straight to the line!" said Qin Zixun.

"Not today, family dinner, so only later." Gu Ning said.

"Well! In Yongle Road, V5 bar, letter V, Arabic number 5, the mighty homonym, is also the meaning of mighty, hehe!" Hao Ran said.

"Well! There is a very good fan, very atmospheric name." Gu Ning praised.

Although Hao Ran was a few people who felt that they had a very good name and atmosphere, they were praised by Gu Ning, but they were a little embarrassed.

Twenty-five minutes from the end of the exam, Mu Ke and Chu Peihan came.

Although they are a tyrant, it is rare to finish the test paper in seventy-five minutes. After all, they are almost right.

Gu Ning will be faster than them because of the plug-in.

(End of this chapter)

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