"Cheat! Cheat! You're definitely cheating! "Gambler F broke the defense.

After playing a few rounds, on the card table, except for Ling Yuqi's front of a large pile, the table was almost unable to put down many chips, and the other opponents in front of them, there was already nothing...

Not only did gambler F break the defense, but the rest of the gamblers were also like eating worms raw, and their faces were embarrassed.

Gambler A and the dealer also showed a slight expression of disbelief on their faces.

Because...... After all, this is a casino, you can win if you win, but you always win....

It's not quite right -

and as a person in the casino, gambler A and the dealer jointly operate, obviously replacing the cards issued, but after it is in Ling Yuqi's hands, it becomes something else....

This made the two incomprehensible, because they did not see any clues.

Could it be that this young-looking woman has a super strong thousand skills?

Otherwise, why did her two people who are proficient in card skills not find her out of the ordinary....

The two were full of doubts in their hearts, but after all, there was no evidence, and their positions were in the casino, one in the light and the other in the dark.

The dealer of the clear card is just an ordinary dealer and does not dare to act rashly.

And Dark Gambler A does not dare to expose his identity....

So the two stood quietly in place, and they had to wait for the casino manager to solve this matter.

And the matter of notifying the manager had already been notified by Ling Yuqi when Ling Yuqi arrived, and the dealer had already notified the stacker to call...

Shrewd, he felt that on this wave of people's operations, when the matter was over, the manager would definitely promote himself!

But no matter what, she can't go away if she wins all the time.

Because the casino will not let the people who have always won cards and won big money, go out completely.

Therefore, the security guards of the casino have long been around the crowd watching the play, quietly surrounding the entire table.

Although the casino personnel have not yet started to move, just waiting for the arrival of the manager, gambler F has already stopped Bengbu.

In this gamble, Ben took out all his money to gamble.

And originally, before this woman came, although there were losses and wins, she still made some small money, and the last handful doubled her assets!

But since this woman came, she hasn't won....

The more you play, the bigger the stakes!

Until the end, lose the essence——!

Gambler F, who originally wanted to rely on this gamble to win a lot of money, has all lost at this time....

Not only did he lose the game, but the money was gone.

He immediately slammed the table in anger! Then he put his hands on the table, and pressed Ling Yuqi with a furious momentum!

"Dare to smoke Lao Qian here?! Who gave you courage——!

"Do you know what this place is! Dare to play like this here, you are tired of living!! "

His emotions directly led to the emotions of others, and the rest of the people began to suspect this woman who had always won cards....

The rest of the losers also stood up from their seats, wanting to ask for an explanation.

The dealer could only say soothingly: "Don't worry, don't worry, the manager of our casino will come over later, and then we will give you a reasonable explanation." The

other gamblers were appeased by the dealer's words, because they and others were also regulars here, and the manager could not pit himself.

And the money in this bet is not all their money, even if they lose, they will tighten their belts for a few months at most and stop playing cards.

The main thing is also that the place of the "rain banquet", the national hero Klockdar, offended him for this money, and may not even lose his life, so they gave the dealer a face.

As a gambler of the casino man, gambler A is even more unhurried, because his own chips are given by the casino, not his money.

But in order not to show the horse's feet, he also pretended to be annoyed.

Only gambler F, who lost the red eye, is still unwilling!

This time he gambled his entire worth, so the money was lost, and he couldn't calm his mood!

Looking at Ling Yuqi, who was sitting in his seat and had no mood swings for this farce...

The brain twitched, "Don't think about it!" Definitely you smoke the old thousand! Draw old cards on your body, right? Let me see!!! He went up!

It's just that as soon as I stretched out my hand,

it was like a breeze blowing...


Ah——!!!" The scream sounded in an instant, his right hand was inexplicably cut off, he held his right arm, and suddenly squatted down with a wail!

Blood gushes out of the severed hand like a fountain! Dark red blood splattered all around and on the tables, staining everything red!

The nearby spectators were all splashed on their bodies or faces by this spray of blood...

Only Ling Yuqi, who was still sitting firmly in his seat, had not been stained with a trace of blood on his body.

She held Erlang's legs, holding a chip in her hand and playing with it, and her eyes looked playfully at the man who was holding his arm and kneeling on the ground and making a mournful cry...

The sudden change made everyone around shocked, and the pupils quake, and it was difficult to understand what had just happened.

I didn't see anything, the only thing I could see was a black shadow flashing instantly, and then gambler F fell to his knees and wailed in pain.

The strange situation caused the timid spectators to flee in shock, while the rest of the gamblers did not dare to move, because they were the main owners of the incident.

But even so, they moved lightly away from the table.

Although they didn't know what this black shadow was and why it could cut off their wrists in an instant, they also guessed that this thing was inseparable from this woman who won the card.

Looking at Ling Yuqi, who had a happy smile at the corner of his mouth and looked at his group of people playfully, a chill inexplicably rose in their hearts -

fortunately, the manager finally arrived at the scene in a hurry.

When I came here, I saw the four splatters of blood, and the gambler F, who had fainted on the ground due to excessive blood loss, the manager's brow was tightly furrowed.

But he didn't care about the comatose gambler F, and the manager didn't care about his life or death, and looked at the dealer and asked, "What is the situation here?" "

So and so, so and that, the dealer told the truth of the matter.

He didn't dare to tell a little lie or be subjective.

Because of the lessons from the past, the arrogant gambler F, who is still lying on the ground in a coma at the moment, and if he is not treated, I believe that he should lose too much blood and die.

But this was just a small person, and everyone present did not pay attention to him.

Just because there are so many frustrated people in the casino, almost every day there will be one or two people who are pulled out by the casino and then never seen again.

There will even be some, who will be beaten directly on the spot by the security personnel of the casino, beaten half to death, and then dragged away... I haven't seen the man since.

Everyone knows these things in their hearts, so they are numb.

This guy is only put on the bright side, and death is dead, anyway, it has nothing to do with them.

The only thing they paid attention to, terrifying, was what the black shadow was.

And himself, and will not become the next, unlucky person.

This group of selfish and insensitive people in the casino don't want to die themselves....

The manager did not only listen to the dealer's words, but verified the statements of the surrounding crowd and confirmed the truth of what the dealer said.

But there are still many doubts in his heart....

For example, what is the black shadow, what cut this man's hand was made, and why is the wound so smooth and smooth?

And how did this woman keep winning streaks and never losing?

The manager who knows the shady scene of her own casino has difficulty understanding how she keeps winning streaks.

The only explanation is that she smokes old thousands.

But no one present had ever seen her cheat, so there was no evidence that she was out of her age....

Only, she won too much.

The manager's expression became more and more solemn, looking at Ling Yuqi with a relaxed expression, his mood was very low.

If you exchange this table chip for money, the casino will definitely lose money! (Loss means making that much less money.) If

you let the boss know, you can't tear yourself alive?

He also knows that there are many people under him who covet his position, but he is the best of them, the one who can earn the most for the boss and operate the best, so he can firmly sit in this position.

But if something goes wrong, he believes that the ruthless boss will directly replace him....

Because there is no shortage of people at all.

And the replaced self is naturally difficult to escape death.

If you don't want to die, this stack of chips cannot be exchanged.


When he thought of what the dealer said, the black shadow that cut off the right hand of gambler F, he was a little flustered.

Although he is a manager and has a little strength, he does not have the ability to cut bones with a sword, let alone such a smooth break.

Therefore, if you are a little careless in your operation, you may not be able to reach the boss, and you will die at the card table first!

The manager was tangled in his heart, and he didn't know how to go.

No matter how you think about it, walking left and right is death - is

my life number here...?

Tut...... Where did this woman come from! How could a casino appear such a ... Wait a minute!


The manager suddenly thought of the intelligence he received in the morning, the woman that the boss paid attention to....

Carefully staring at Ling Yuqi's face, he felt more and more similar to that dark photo of mosaic quality on intelligence...

Even though the intelligence said that she should be in the "rape flower" at this time, the manager had a bold guess in his mind....


, bang - boom -

several round chips, smashed into the manager's face, interrupting his train of thought.

Throw a chip casually and smash it on the face of this rude man who has been staring at him without speaking.

Ling Yuqi propped her arms on the table, supported her face with one hand, turned the chips with the other, and said,

"You are the manager of the casino?"

The manager, whose thoughts were disturbed, was slightly stunned, and then replied: "Yes."

"Your boss is Klockdar."

The manager was dumb for a while, most of this matter was known, but he did not understand why the other party said this.

It's just that in my heart, I am more and more flustered and uneasy....

And Ling Yuqi's next sentence made his mood fall to the trough -

"Call Klockdar out for me!"


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