4. Pick a skill? 

How can you pick a skill this easily? 

Wasn’t skill normally obtained as a reward for purchasing a skill book at an exorbitant price or clearing a huge dungeon?

But it just gives me the skill? With only cleaning a bit? 

“…Is this a dream? As expected.” 

I thought so but proceeded with the skill draw. 

Of course. 

It is said to be a ticket to draw a hidden class skill, so it could be an S-Class.

The S-Class skill book was not sold on the market, so the price was unknown.

However, one A-Class skill book, which is just below it, sells for about 1 billion won. 

“Ah, anything is fine, so something more useful…If possible, something useful in a cafe…!” 

There’s something like that.

Like a skill to make ice.

So even if I don’t have an ice maker, I can solve the ice menu!

But my earnest wish was mercilessly torn to pieces.


A new skill ‘Front Desk (C)’ has been added!

Please check the skill window for detailed skill descriptions.


The skill name is like that again.

Front desk.

I was dumbfounded. 

Then I said, looking out the window. 

“How—why does the skill always look like this!”

I turned my head and looked at the bellboy. 

Because I don’t want to run something like an inn where only one bus comes for an hour? 

And I was just thinking about opening a cafe for the people who live there and a few tourists? 



The bellboy replied, trembling as if my eyes were scary.

“Yeongchun Hotel is a place that provides rest for guests who are tired of their journey….” 

“Where is a human who goes on a journey to this small side! Where!” 

“Ack, I’m scared. Boss! There are only 10 minutes left until the opening of business! You should go down to the first floor and see the front desk!” 

See the front desk? 

I was startled and looked at the clock, it was actually 5:50.

It meant that business would start in 10 minutes.

I don’t know if customers will come even if I open the business, but the way this skill shows up tells me I need to check out the front desk.

It’s just a guess, but I got a feeling from the moment I heard the name ‘tutorial’.

They gave me skills related to cleaning the room and made me clean the room.

And then they gave me front desk skills—.

So this is—they have me clean the room, and then open the business and have me look at the front desk—.

Isn’t it the kind of route that makes me sucked into a management simulation game step by step like IxLOxCoxxx? (t/n: They put it as 아X러X커X, but I thought it was like 아이러브커피 which means I love coffee. A game about a cafe or something.) 

I clicked on the detailed view of the front desk skill.

Then this window popped up.

Front Desk (C)

—Made it easy to get room reservations.

As expected, this is definitely the same route.

It seems like the right thing to do to call Uncle Junsu.

I need to check if there is a case of awakening into the class of a hotel manager.

That’s when I turned on the phone app and tried to call him.

A notification window popped up in front of me.

There are 5 seconds left until the opening of the Yeongchun Hotel.




‘No… Wait!’

The business hours approaching so quickly? 

— This kid! Why can’t I call you like this? Did you really go down to Ganju-shi, no, Ganju-gun? I’ve sent someone there, so it should arrive in a few hours. Stay still 



“Uncle, I’m sorry. Please hang up for a second.”

– What? You, earlier and now…!

I’m sure he’ll be very worried because I hung up the phone again after calling him—.

The hotel business is open!

I couldn’t help it.

Before my eyes, the entrance on the first floor where I am now began to change.

The change of entrance.

It was not a change at the level of ‘Room 201 became clean’.

There has been a very noticeable change.

The wooden door I had entered suddenly became a revolving door. 


It’s a revolving door that spins around as if it is attached to a huge business hotel somewhere in Gangnam.

Why is there a revolving door all of a sudden? 

And why is the name of the revolving door so—.

The ‘Revolving Door Leading to the Random Dungeon’ will start working. 

…That’s what it says! 

Does it go through a dungeon?

That means…that means…

Doesn’t that mean the guest who opens that door could be a monster?

‘Even a 5-star hotel begins with one step!’ Quest

—Get your first check-in. (0/1)

—Completion Reward: Market Gold 200G, EXP 100P, Market Free Ticket 1 time

I ignored the quest window that followed and went out through the revolving door.

Even if the reward is 2,000G instead of 200G, I hate dungeons.

I hate monsters too!

I shouted inwardly and went out through the revolving door.

Although the shabby wooden door became a shining revolving door, it was clearly the entrance and exit of the Yeongchun Inn I had entered.

If I went out like this, I would definitely have to go back to the Yeongchun-myeon, with a population of only 2,000, where there had never been a dungeon break.

First of all, the revolving door returned with a good sound.

However, as soon as I came out of the revolving door, I encountered not the blue sea of Yeongchun-myeon but a black cave.

The cave I often see when the TV shows the dungeon.

It will be a relief if it’s only a black cave—.


What I encountered was a giant spider monster with eyes on its legs.

The ‘Spider Monster (B)’ has appeared in front of you!

This damn status window.

I said hurry up open it, hurry up! 

To be honest, I didn’t even see the body of the spider.

The moment my eyes met the eyes on its legs, those fluffy legs rushed towards me.

I quickly rolled over and avoided it.

Boom boom!

With a tremendous sound, the rock right in front of the revolving door cracked open.

How could you have so much strength with those skinny legs?

It was truly a B-Class monster.

I screamed and once again entered the revolving door.

Then the spider stretched out its leg through the glass window attached to the revolving door.

With the power of those legs that broke rocks, things like glass windows would shatter.

I thought so and covered my face with my arms to protect my eyes.

But how long has it been doing that? 

Nothing like glass breaking happened until the revolving door turned once. 

I sat down on the ground when I got back into the inn through the revolving door. 

And I murmured something while pointing over the glass revolving door, where I could only see the black cave and nothing else.

“J, just now… Clearly a B-Class monster… B-Class monster…!” 

“Ah, boss! I was worried! Why did you suddenly walk out the revolving door! It’s connected to a random dungeon over there—” 

I grabbed the collar of the bellboy, who was approaching with a worried expression.

Now, it doesn’t matter if this guy isn’t a monster but a real spirit!

“You damn bellboy! Why am I in a dungeon! I must have bought the inn building by the sea with my own money! Give my property back! my cafe! My YOLO life!”

The bellboy swayed here and there at my violent hand and shouted.

“Aagh! I’m dizzy, boss! Don’t worry too much! With the opening of the hotel, a revolving door to a random dungeon was created! However, Monsters can’t enter the revolving door! Because this is Yeongchun-myeon, not Dungeon!” 

This isn’t a dungeon and still Yeongchun-myeon?

In an instant, I felt my sanity returning.

Obviously, in the notification window just now, it was said to be a revolving door connected to a random dungeon.

That means that revolving door serves as a kind of passage that connects randomly to the dungeon.

This is still Yeongchun-myeon, and this inn—no, the hotel exists here, but what if it’s only connected to the dungeon?

And as bellboy said, monsters can’t come in here?

I looked at the bellboy, and he nodded as if he had read my thoughts.

As if to reassure me. 

It actually made me a little reassured.

No, but then, if the guest can discover and enter this hotel while wandering around the dungeon—.


It was then.

The revolving door rattled and stopped with a sound.

It seemed to sense the movement of a person pushing through the revolving door.

Feeling sad, I raised my head.

In front of the revolving door, a woman covered in sticky green saliva was looking down at me.

She was just as shocked as I was.



As I watched the woman stumble and fall into her seat, I thought she was already sitting but wanted to sit down again.

“How could a place like this exist in a dungeon… how….” 

The woman muttered as she sat down.

That—that’s the question I want to ask.


The bellboy next to me tapped me on the shoulder and said.

“Boss, the skill. Front desk skills.”

I used the skill with the feeling that I was about to cry.

‘The front desk.’

And as soon as I used the skill, a smile automatically appeared on my face.

My mouth also moved automatically.

“Welcome. Welcome to the Yeongchun Hotel, Hunter!”


Ah, damn it. 

So my prediction was correct.

After all, the guests coming to this hotel are—

—a Hunter.

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