"What are you thinking?"

Unable to figure it out, Si Xiao asked directly.


Yukishita Xueno shook his head and stared at Si Xiao seriously: "My previous world also had novels and animations, although I may be a virtual character in your world, but you may also be a virtual character in another world, so there is no need to worry about this." "


Si Xiao nodded indifferently, he had such an realization from the beginning.

I feel that Yukinoshita is not on the same channel as him, but since the other party is not willing to say it, forget it.

Si Xiao walked past her, and there was nothing to talk about.

Although there are many people, there is definitely great power.

There are still thousands of zombies outside, and cooperation is a must.

But if Yukishita can't accept his approach, then directly killing people and taking talent.


Before he took a few steps, Si Xiao felt that his sleeve was being pulled by someone, and he looked back at the snow and said with some doubts

"What else is the matter, I have already told you the reason, it is your business to accept it or not."

"Yes, yes."

Hearing this, Yukino pursed the corners of his mouth.

What she thinks is her business, and how Si Xiao does it is also Si Xiao's own business, and she has no power to interfere with the other party.

She had been sitting in the empty classroom.

She never interfered with others unless it affected herself.


Not sure why.

She just wanted to interfere with Si Xiao's thoughts now.

Is it because Si Xiao borrowed her eggs?

Or has it been sheltering them from the wind and rain, taking them out of the school building, giving her hope to live?

Yukishita Xueno didn't know, so he quickly put his thoughts to the back of his mind, pulled Si Xiao's sleeve, and said softly:

"Although this is a space of reincarnation, there is no morality and law, but we should still stick to the bottom line in our hearts.

Some things can be done and some things can't be done, only zombies should be killed, even if Jing Chengye has a big problem, but it is not a crime to death. "

Karuizawa glanced at Yukinoshita Yukinoshita somewhat speechlessly.

Such a character, if it were not for Si Xiao, under the snow in this reincarnation space, I am afraid that Xue Nai would definitely die.


Si Xiao sneered, and before the other party could react, he instantly pinched her slender neck.

"It seems that you still don't understand deeply enough, if I strengthen you now, or kill you, under the snow, what can you do."


Si Xiao leaned over to Xue Naiqiao's face, and the rich smell of blood and a faint lotus fragrance entered his nose.


He threw Yukinoshita on the ground and turned to leave.

Looking at Si Xiao's departing back

Yukishita Yukino pursed the corners of his mouth and touched his slender neck, and he really felt like he was going to die for a moment just now.

But for some reason, she didn't feel regrets.

If there is one more chance, she will say.


Karuizawa looked in the direction where Si Xiao had disappeared, and then at Yukino, who was sitting on the ground like he was a little lost.

Hesitate for a moment.

She half-squatted in front of the snow, her small hands covering half of her pretty face, and said in a low voice

"I said, Yukoshita-san, you like Si Xiao, so you don't want to see him become a person who is lost by power like a novel, right?"


Under the snow, Yukino was stunned.

She didn't know if she liked it, but she just didn't want to see Si Xiao become the disoriented person in the movie.

"How do you know?"

Yukinoshita Yukino asked with some doubt.

"Just look at it."

Karuizawa said excitedly: "You just looked like you were forced by Si Xiao, and it didn't matter." "


Yukino was a little dumbfounded.

She didn't ask this, she asked the second half of the sentence.

However, before she could respond, Karuizawa said excitedly

"However, you are also too stupid, you like Si Xiao to make that kind of expression, if you changed to Jing Chengye just now, would you still think so?"


Yukino was stunned again.

Imagined according to Karuizawa's words, if it was changed to Ai Chengye, she probably didn't bother to pay attention to it.

She is not the Virgin of death.

After all, Yukino knows very well.

This is the space of reincarnation, and death is inevitable, so Ye Feng only sighed a little when he died.

It was precisely because that person was Si Xiao that she wanted to remind a few words.

But to say it's like.

Yukino under the snow is also unclear.


As soon as he wanted to explain, he heard Karuizawa sigh and say, "I thought similar to you before, but now I think I understand that this is the space of reincarnation, and I am afraid that only people like Brother Xiao can live." "

"Even if I don't hurt anyone, others will want to hurt me."

"You better say two words, otherwise, I feel that Brother Xiao may really kill you."

Finish speaking.

Karuizawa didn't wait for Yukinoshita Yukino to respond, so he got up and left.

She also didn't want her to be the only girl in the group.

Looking at Karuizawa's departing back.

Yukino had a complicated expression, carefully savoring Karuizawa's words.

She also knows that there are still the bad guys in the world, so she has to change.

But if he can ignore what Jing Chengye and others do, but is unwilling to let Si Xiao do it, will he be too arrogant.


And the other side.

With the help of sporadic moonlight.

Karuizawa followed the direction where Si Xiao left, looking left and right, only to find Si Xiao sleeping in the center of several dining tables.

It's only been such a short time, I guess I haven't slept yet." ’

Come to think of it.

Karuizawa walked lightly towards Si Xiao.



Karuizawa only felt tripped over something and fell to the ground in an instant.


"I, I, I, me~"

Karuizawa quickly got up in response.

Looking back, I couldn't see anything in the pitch black.

"Are you all right?"

Si Xiao looked up and down at the light Iizawa in front of him, and said with some doubt.

In the afternoon, I found a few boxes of fishing line in the back kitchen and tied them around, which were reinforced fishing lines, and Karuizawa actually had nothing to do.

"It's okay, it's okay, I accidentally tripped a little, hehe."

Karuizawa walked up to Si Xiao and said with a smirk.



Under the moonlight, Karuizawa's face was slightly red, and he said with some hesitation: "Brother Xiao, I'm not very worried about other people, can I sleep next to you?" "

"As you like."

Hearing this, Si Xiao lay down again after saying lightly.

He came to see what Karuizawa wanted to do.

"Thank you Brother Xiao~"

Karuizawa lay lightly in front of Si Xiao, and his beautiful sapphire-like eyes stared at Si Xiao's face.

Although Si Xiao is already very handsome.

But don't know why.

I feel more handsome now.


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